Waiakea Water And The Importance Of Alkalinity

Water has the reputation of being good and pure. This is because it is a vital thing that people have to put into their bodies to live. Most living things cannot survive without water. On top of it, water is great for a variety of uses. It is the one thing that people use to wash with. It is also a solvent. It is used as a base of reference for many concepts in chemistry. Water is a basic component of life. However, nowadays, not all water is created equal. In fact, all water was never really created equal. Some places in the world have naturally tainted water supplies where the water naturally gives people health problems. This is due to the fact that some types of soil have toxic substances in them, such as arsenic. It is not because of human pollution, it is because of the naturally occurring geology of some areas. Also, even if water is not toxic with naturally-occurring chemicals, it might be of a lower quality. For example, the water in some places of the planet is more alkaline than the water in other places.

Alkalinity is a quality that a lot of people overlook. Most people don’t think farther than to consider microbes and the presence of toxic chemicals. Acidic water can turn into a really huge problem for a person’s health. It can throw off the internal environment of a person’s body to the point where diseases start to happen. People may brush off the topic of alkalinity, though it is an immensely important issue.

Ryan Emmons does not brush off the importance of alkalinity. In fact, he makes a really big deal out of it. The water that he sells is marketed as being alkaline and healthier than other brands. He dots his Ts and crosses his Is when it comes to making sure that consumers get the best possible water from Mona Lua. The name of his amazing bottled water company is Waiakea Water.