Sam Jerujikar: MBA, Plastic Surgeon, Soldier, Spy

Doctor Sam Jerujikar practices medicine in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The plastic surgeon sees patients at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital and the Pine Creek Medical center in the area. Patients usually have positive experiences with him and U.S. News rated him 4 out 5 in three different categories. Before coming to Texas to practice medicine, he earned his doctorate in the state of Michigan. Today his clear explanations and broad smile ease patients before they go under the knife in his care.

Despite having a doctorate and having extensive training and experience in plastic surgery, Sam Jerujikar felt he needed even more education. Going after an unrelated master’s degree after spending so long pursuing a medical degree seems unusual, but Sam Jerujikar knew he needed additional training to grow his business. He decided to pursue an MBA while working in his practice.

Juggling his careeer and pursuing an additional master’s degree was difficult ,but the doctor knew the value of hard work from his earlier educational experiences. Instead of complaining about the additional work load, he simply hit the books and reduced the hours in his practice as necessary. The business knowledge he gained while doing this helped him manage his practice.

While having an MBA may not help him with his medical career, he hopes it will help him run his office. Gaining additional knowledge of management and proper managerial practices may make Sam Jerujikar a better boss as well. At least his employees think it has made him a better boss.

Marc Beer leads Renovia Inc. in looking for funds to fight Pelvic floor disorders

Renovia Inc. is a company that discovered and delivered the first-line digital diagnostic and therapeutic devices. These devices help in the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor disorders in women. Renovia received a funding of $ 42.3 million that would be divided into two. $10 million would go to the business debt, and the remaining $ 32.3 Million goes to the Series B equity. The funds would help in supporting future commercial launches, corporate development, product development process, and the company’s clinical tests. Perceptive Advisors and Ascension Ventures led the series B process assisted by OSF Ventures, Cormorant Asset Management, and Longwood Fund. Others were Inova Strategic Investments, Cormorant Asset Management, and Western Technology Investment. Renova’s advisor in the process was BayCross Capital Group. Learn more:


The Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer who is also one of the Renovia Inc. founders Marc Beer thanked the group for supporting the noble idea. He noted that the supporters were leading healthcare companies that share the Renova Inc.’s vision of offering better diagnostic procedures as well as treating and improving the lives of the millions of pelvic floor disorder victims. He added that the company was thankful to have the three integrated healthcare networks and financial businesspersons because they go together with Renovia’s commercial and clinical vision. Beer also noted that the proprietary and innovative sensor technologies with the modern digital platform would provide the best services to the customers. Additionally, the customers would get valuable data informing them on the availability of contemporary treatment options, help them understand and have more knowledge on the pelvic floor disorders.


Marc Beer started Renovia Inc. in August 2016 in collaboration with the Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorié. They succeeded in financing the company with the help of various healthcare venture fund in the series A process. Beer formerly worked for Viacell and sat in the Board Directors of NASDAQ: ERYP, Erytech Pharma. At Genzyme, Marc Beer worked as the Vice President of Global Marketing. Before joining Genzyme, Marc Beer worked in the sales department of NYSE: ABT, Abbott Chemicals. He served in Emerging Companies Section Governing Board of BIO, Biotechnology Industry Organization among other positions, Marc Beer is a graduate Miami University of Ohio where he pursued his Bachelors of Science degree.


Upwork Freelancer Platform Makes Profits through IPO

Upwork Freelancer Platform Makes Profits Through IPO

Upwork is one of the largest freelancing networks around the globe. The company was formed in the year 2014 when tow companies by the name lance and oDesk merged. Lance was founded 22 years ago and oDesk was founded eighteen years ago. Following their merge, Upwork came to be. The Chief Executive Officer of Upwork is Stephane Kasriel. Kasriel has taken it upon himself to raise funds for the company and so far he has been able to raise more than a hundred million dollars from investments. The first round was funding was done immediately after the merge amounting to thirty million dollars that went to the start of the company.

One of the largest investors of the company is Benchmark which owns a stake in the company amounting to 15 percent of the total stakes. Sigma is also a partner with 14.2 percent shares. Globes Capital Partners, T. Rowe, First Mark Capital, and SG Growth Partners are also other partners with 12.9, 10.6, 5.7 and 5.5 percent of the shares respectively. At the beginning of the month of October this year, Dragoneer Investment group made a thirty-two million dollar investment in the company making them the largest shareholder with twenty percent of the company’s shares. There several other investors looking to invest in the company which has been doing impeccably since it was founded. In fact, reports show that the company earns more than 225 million dollars annual revenue. The services that the company offers amount to nearly 1.5 million dollars.

Upwork employs more than 300000 freelancers who offer services to almost a hundred thousand clients form more than a hundred and eighty countries in different parts of the globe. The clients being served by Upwork come from more than a hundred business categories and a variety of industries.

How does the Upwork platform work?

The Upwork platform is a means that connects employers from different parts of the globe with freelancers so that they can work distantly. The freelancers at Upwork have to create a profile and go through a series of tests in order to form an account. The account is then made available for employers to scrutinize and find the best-suited employee with whom they will work on either short-term or long-term projects.


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Guilherme Paulus: Brazils Tourism Mogul

The tourism sector in Brazil is growing at an incredible rate, and in 2016, the country welcomed more than 6.5 million foreign visitors. This is expected to grow in the years to come, as more people are developing an interest to visit the South American country. Entrepreneurs in the tourism industry are the ones who will benefit from the rising number of visitors coming into the country, and the Brazilian government is doing a lot of work to promote the country’s tourist destinations further. In 2014, Brazil hosted the FIFA World Cup, and it helped promote the country to a lot of tourists around the world. A lot of foreign visitors came into the country, and their spending helped a lot of businesses in the tourism sector. This was followed by the 2016 Olympic Games, which also attracted a huge number of people to visit the country.

Guilherme Paulus is an entrepreneur who benefited a lot from the tourism boom. His business is a tour operator services firm, and a chain of hotels and resorts. He started his business when he was only 24 years old. A rich politician helped him with the funding, and they were able to launch the CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. in 1972. CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. quickly became popular, and visitors who are coming into the country rely on the services offered by the company of Guilherme Paulus. Through his hard work and determination, the company became of the largest and leading tour services firm in South America.

Guilherme Paulus knew that the tourism industry in Brazil could be a great investment, and by 2005, he started building hotels and resorts across the country. His new business venture became an instant hit, as he built his properties near airports and seaports, which would provide convenience to the tourists. Recently, Guilherme Paulus was included in the list of world’s billionaires’ list by Forbes Magazine. It was reported that his net worth has already reached the $1 billion mark. Guilherme Paulus stated that he still couldn’t believe that he is now a billionaire, and advised other business people not to quit, and to continue innovating their businesses.

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Robert Ivy Believes In The AIA And You Should Too

Anytime that you consider going into a professional field that is known for being difficult to establish yourself in, you know that you need to take any help that you can find. For aspiring architects, the path to success happens to go right alongside the professional association known as the American Institute of Architects, or AIA for short. The AIA is operated by Robert Ivy, the current CEO of the organization, and he has gained prestigious honors for helping to guide architects down the long path toward a successful career. The American Institute of Architects is an important professional association that far too people know about, so let’s go ahead and work toward changing that. Visit the website Architectural Record to learn more about Robert Ivy.

Professional associations are a much-needed aspect of working in a career-driven field. Different from a union or a trade association, professional associations are far more focused and personalized. At the time of this writing, there are nearly 92,000 trade organizations operating throughout the United States of America but their focus is almost uniformly on corporations and businesses rather than the individual employees that make up their ranks. That, primarily, is the defining difference between a trade association and a professional association. Learn more about Robert Ivy at

Robert Ivy would tout the American Institute of Architects as a membership-based group that is necessary for finding the skills, relationships, and information that you need in order to excel in the cutthroat world of architecture. While architects have to go through rigorous schooling before they get to join the field, new architects are all too often left without the tools and information that they need in order to make a successful transition to the real business world. This is where Robert Ivy and the AIA come to play.

The American Institute of Architects provides new architects and veteran architects alike with a proverbial toolbox of benefits that all will help make them more successful in the long run. Robert Ivy knows that the AIA can provide members with important data, networking opportunities, and even lobbying power in order to address local and federal branches of the government. Put simply, the AIA is the easiest way for an architect to improve their career longevity.


Waiakea Water And The Importance Of Alkalinity

Water has the reputation of being good and pure. This is because it is a vital thing that people have to put into their bodies to live. Most living things cannot survive without water. On top of it, water is great for a variety of uses. It is the one thing that people use to wash with. It is also a solvent. It is used as a base of reference for many concepts in chemistry. Water is a basic component of life. However, nowadays, not all water is created equal. In fact, all water was never really created equal. Some places in the world have naturally tainted water supplies where the water naturally gives people health problems. This is due to the fact that some types of soil have toxic substances in them, such as arsenic. It is not because of human pollution, it is because of the naturally occurring geology of some areas. Also, even if water is not toxic with naturally-occurring chemicals, it might be of a lower quality. For example, the water in some places of the planet is more alkaline than the water in other places.

Alkalinity is a quality that a lot of people overlook. Most people don’t think farther than to consider microbes and the presence of toxic chemicals. Acidic water can turn into a really huge problem for a person’s health. It can throw off the internal environment of a person’s body to the point where diseases start to happen. People may brush off the topic of alkalinity, though it is an immensely important issue.

Ryan Emmons does not brush off the importance of alkalinity. In fact, he makes a really big deal out of it. The water that he sells is marketed as being alkaline and healthier than other brands. He dots his Ts and crosses his Is when it comes to making sure that consumers get the best possible water from Mona Lua. The name of his amazing bottled water company is Waiakea Water.

Inspire to the Aspire in New Brunswick

Boraie development is one of the trendsetters when it comes to luxury rental development, and it is based in the New Brunswick. Their recent development features the launching of their new leasing center, particularly for the summer occupancy. This way, if you are an occupant location for the best places to lease this summer, you can consider visiting their center that is located on the Somerset street 135.




Conversely, the current population is made up of young renters who are continually looking for rental opportunities that are off the beaten paths. Fortunately, such individuals can now find what they might be looking for in the Aspire. Boiled down, this facility is located close to the railway station to take care of your commutes. To address the lifestyle of the occupants, incredible nightlife, dining options and many sorts of entertainments surround the neighborhood of this facility. For more details visit Crunchbase.




Similarly, it is close to some of the most established healthcare facilities and educational institutions. Additionally, the Aspire include two-bedrooms, 238 studios and one-bedroom all these facilities are developed in line with the modern trends and innovations. Similarly, the occupants will be provided with additional amenities including personal parking that offer direct access to the facility and round the clock door attendant services. On top of this, the Aspire provides for a luxury lounge that includes a kitchen, billiard table and a dining table to accommodate you and your loved ones. Perhaps your stay at this entity would be incomplete without a fitness center to help you keep fit. To this end, they have a modern fitness center, and it is always open for occupants. Check out





Star Comes Home to Build in Newark




This move features Mr. O’Neal and the renowned Boraie development. This partnership aims to address the issue of housing as well as commercial developments like market unit rates mainly in the Newark and other cities in the New Jersey. This team will now put more emphasis on the development of the urban regions in Jersey where they are anticipating to accomplishing some of the most remarkable projects.




To this end, their first project is expected to be incepted on Friday, and it is expected to cost approximately $60 million to complete. Likewise, Sam Boraie and Mr. O’Neal are also running other projects including three new developments in Newark, movie theaters as well as other amenities. This way, Sam Boraie is expected to address some of the most pressing housing issues in the New Jersey and its proxy environs.


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The Disruption of the Credit Market by GreenSky

The abrupt emergence of GreenSky  in the finance industry has brought a lot of disruption, especially in the credit market. This is because of the new techniques and methodologies that the company has brought to the industry, under the leadership of its principal, David Zalik. At first, people thought that the company had brought competition to the other banking organizations in the industry. However, it has come to be proven that the operations of GreenSky  are at a unique level. First, the company does not operate as an ordinary lender; it functions as a lending partner. Its role in the credit market is to link lending facilities using technology and to provide them with the right logistics to serve their customers.

Some of the partners with which GreenSky  has engaged in business include the merchants, small lenders, and contractors. For the contractors, you find that sometimes their clients needed to access their services but lacked enough funds to get the services that they needed. Through the partnership with GreenSky, the partners can offer the services to the clients on credit without worrying about their financial stability because GreenSky is on their support. In the same way, the merchants also offer their products on credit to their customers with more confidence because they have GreenSky as their backup.

For the small lenders, the partnership runs on a different concept. Many times you find that the firms have plenty of customers who require financing through loans and mortgages such that their demand surpasses the supply of these companies. In such circumstances, GreenSky  acts as a secondary lender by offering financial support to the lending firms. This would benefit the firm because they can maintain their customers despite the capital inadequacy. In return, GreenSky charges a small commission on any outstanding loan balances on the customers, making the partnership mutual.

As a result, the clients in the financial credit market have become very satisfied with the services that they get from the combined efforts of these partners. They are always assured of getting financial assistance any time they require because the funds are ever made available by GreenSky 



US Money Reserve

 U.S reserve is America’s number one trusted seller in any precious metal. The organization was founded in 2001, and it has grown to become the best private distributor in legal products such as silver, gold, and platinum.

The U.S Reserve is formulated to help one diversify their assets and secure their future through the purchase of precious metals in the form of silver and gold coins.

The organization is equipped with the best experts that find the best numismatic value of products for gold and silver buyers. These experts have the market and coin knowledge from coin research and market evaluation and thus ensure that the buyers are getting great deals.

Adsphere awards

Just recently, U.S Reserve won two Adsphere Awards in the Best Category of. This comes after they won again last year. Adsphere awards aim at honoring the top advertisers and brands in the network cable industry.

It looks at the best and most effective advertisements throughout each year showcased in direct-response television industry (DRTV). It recognizes brands across all categories and sectors and awards those with direct-response and brand-direct advertisements.

Winning Best Category Of

U.S Money Reserve was awarded the best category of for having a brand direct response in DRTV. The CEO, Angela Koch spoke about this saying that their efforts are focused on providing their clients with content that is creative and that directly reflects their brand. Follow US Reserve on Twitter

Having won this award for the second year in arrow, U.S money reserve is greatly honored, and to them, it shows that their consultants in marketing, branding, and advertising are highly talented and experts in their field. Through direct-response television, U.S Money reserve hopes to reach more audiences for long-term relationships.

U.S Reserve puts a lot of work and effort into ensuring that their target audience gets the best of what they offer. Their marketing and advertising teams have created exceptional work that has gold information for all interested clients.

If one wants precious metals, then U.S Money reserve is the best option with a 5star rating from all its users. U.S Money Reserve allows one to secure their future and that of their family by purchasing their gold and silver coins. If one wants a complete guide on how to buy gold, then one can visit the website and find the free information kit.