Chris Burch’s Instagram Story

Chris Burch, the CEO and Founder of Burch Creative Capital, is more than a CEO. His Instagram tells all, and it reflects everything that Burch is about. He encourages his audience with positive messages like, “Be brave, be curious, listen”. If you follow the link on his page, it will take you to another page where you can learn a lot more about who he is and what he is up to long term.

Stories are a big part of what Chris Burch is all about, and he’s sharing them through Instagram. Chris Burch’s, “A Looming Legacy”, is a fresh view of what has happened over the course of his career, and he’s sharing it with everyone. Travel, creations of his and those he has worked with are all unveiled through his Instagram account little by little. His “Stories and Objects” leads with a beautiful story told about weavers in Indonesia. These Ikat weavers take much pride in what they do, and although it’s part of their daily life, they their culture and everything about their lives with others. They view their life as valuable and important, and sharing that with others is something they are proud of.

Chris Burch wanted to share these stories because he believes in people that are considered only “ordinary”. Burch looks at the creations they make, and he knows that it goes deeper than just the person. It’s a rich and diverse culture, and it’s now a big part of his life. His knowledge of Ikat weavers stems from his purchase of the island to build the hotel. It is through this journey to turn a little-known island into a world-class destination, source (

The rich culture and history of the island, along with the people is something that he longs to share with others. It plays a major role in the history and journey of the resort on the island, and the people are proud to be a part of this journey too. Chris Burch has brought all of this to you through his Instagram account, and it’s going to keep growing, find out more on