Demystifying the Ancient Mysticism of Kabbalah

Mysticism – the belief that one may delve into the very essence of God – has likely existed as long as human beings have inhabited this planet. Kabbalah is ancient Jewish mysticism, and one the foremost method of moving closer into the presence of God in existence. Some components of Kabbalah are directly mentioned in the Bible, and people from all walks of life have turned to the timeless practices of this form of mysticism for centuries.

In addition to direct mentions of Kabbalah elements in the Bible, there are also teachings in the Talmud of revered rabbis who would spend time pursuing studies in Jewish mysticism. Due to some of the lessons taught in the Talmud (one rabbi went mad, one died, one turned from God and one found peace only to lose it) the rabbis of medieval times pushed to have Kabbalah studies limited to only people who were mature and of good character. Despite these purposed limitations, though, people of all ages and all walks of life have pursued Kabbalah practices and found many spiritual benefits due to these pursuits.

Of course, any type of mysticism is always shrouded in a bit of mystery. . In recent years, however, people have been searching for ways to make sense out of their lives, to bring order to the world that they live in and to simply find the peace that comes with being closer to God. That is why the Kabbalah Centre has become increasingly popular around the world. The problem that people have is finding resources that can help to put them on the right path.

The Kabbalah Centre, located in Los Angeles, California, has served as a leading resource to help people learn more about this form of mysticism, as well as the Holy Scriptures that Kabbalah practitioners adhere to. This organization staffs teachers from multiple ethnicities and nations to help teach people more about Kabbalah.

One of the aspects of the Kabbalah Centre that has made it so intriguing to people is the fact that it does not promote any particular organized religion. Instead, of being an organization that exists to play the role of religious authority in the life of its members, the Kabbalah Centre offers teachings that can help to enhance any religion or spiritual way of life.

Regardless of how crazy the world can seem at times, the practice of Kabbalah offers people a chance to learn, grow and to move closer to God. Those are certainly not bad things to seek after in the world we all live in today.

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