Organo Gold Leaders in Coffee and Tea Marketing

Organo Gold was formed in 2008 by Bernardo Chua who is the current Chief Executive Officer. Bernado Chua is a famous network Market executive who has been able to design Organo Gold using beneficial components in the field of networking. The company operates by selling products that develop an active lifestyle together with OGX which is a body management product.

Organo Gold has its origin in Vancouver in British Columbia with a dream of pioneering the use of Ganoderma herb to the western world. The herb widely used in Asian medicine the goal was to integrate it to a commonly used beverage coffee which led to the launch of Organo Gold. More products were developed after the start of the company such as tea products and the pre-brewed coffee line of organo expanded. Watch this video on Youtube.

Organo Gold is a network marketing firm. Therefore, it has been able to sell its products through an independent distributor network and also directly though ShopOG it’s online retail shop. An individual can be part of organo family by either being a retail customer, a customer who receives monthly shipments or an independent supplier.

The popularity of the products has grown internationally over the years conducting its business in more than 50 countries which reflects the quality of the product and distribution network. Organo Gold has a structure that compensated the suppliers by rewarding them and also promoting teamwork. The company offers an online training program that allows the new suppliers with skills for success and provides help to both seasoned and new distributors. Visit to know more.

The company is mainly known for the rich flavors of coffee, the tea products that help in detoxification and energy supplements has also grown in popularity. Organo Gold started the X4Ever program with the support from distributors which encourages, educates and motivates the consumers to achieve their goals in lifestyle. The program has helped individuals have an active lifestyle. Organo Gold is the sole corporate sponsor of an organization that helps in providing opportunities around the world for the youth, OG Cares Foundation. The organization funds OG Cares Foundation Children’s home in India.