Jason Hope Share The Secret To His Investment Success

Jason Hope, entrepreneur, philanthropist, futurist, and investor grew up an East Valley Arizona native. Hope was raised in Scotsdale, Ariz, and now lives in Tempe, Ariz. The investor graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in finance. Mr. Hope earned his MBA from ASU’s WP Carey School of Business. Once he received his MBA, Hope went into the mobile phone industry.

Jason Hope developed the JAWA mobile communications company. The entrepreneur believed technology and communications were the wave of the future. Hope didn’t always feel confident about his business ventures. He always believed fear can keep a person on his toes and make him work very hard for success. Hope tried to stay focused on the technology of the future and his desire to be a part of it.

Jason Hope is involved in philanthropy. The philanthropist is passionate about the SENS foundation. SENS is working on finding cures for diseases that break down the cells in the body, causing aging. Diseases including Alzheimer’s, lung, and heart disease wear down the body. SENS believes in curing diseases rather than medicating. The internet entrepreneur pledged $500,000 in 2010 to establish the SENS laboratory in Cambridge, England.

Jason Hope is the CEO of Jason Hope Tees. The tee shirts have original sayings that include got bacon and My Imaginary Friend Thinks You Have Serious Mental Problems. Jason Hope Tees can be found online. Hope expects to sell some of his tee shirts on Amazon.

Hope runs the Creative Acceleration Workshop with the help of two assistants. Participants learn IoT. People learning Internet of Things teaches people about internet startup companies. IoT is open to people with all kinds of interests and skill levels. Anyone with an interest in using a new technique to sell a product can be part of IoT. IoT participants share, co-create, present their solutions, and seek new solutions to existing problems. These participants brainstorm IoT ideas through storytelling, There’s a guide available to help people learn how to brainstorm and turn their ideas into reality. Through open dialogue, participants can learn from each other how improve their ideas.

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Dick DeVos: Helping The Needy And The Development Of Michigan

Dick DeVos is one of the most prominent businessmen in America owing to the incredible leadership that he has demonstrated while working at Amway and other notable names. Through the years, he has grown to become one of the more prominent names in the industry and has also been able to help several people in the process. In addition to being one of the more well-known names in the business, he is also widely regarded as a prominent philanthropist and someone who is dedicated to helping people all over the country. Because of the work that he has been able to do, he has achieved the status of being one of the top philanthropists in America and has received numerous honors as a result of the work that he has done.



Helping people is not something that DeVos started out recently. Since the start of his career, he has put in numerous efforts to contribute positively towards a better future for the people living in the state of Michigan, which is where he grew up and resides. Helping the people of Michigan was what encouraged DeVos to take on further ventures through which he could contribute to positive change.



One instance of his drive to better the lives of people living there is pertaining to the development of the city of Grand Rapids. In the 1990s, the city of Grand Rapids was undergoing a number of changes, and one of them was the construction of a multi-purpose sports center. The state hoped that this would attract sports organizers who wanted to host events in different locations. However, Dick DeVos knew that this would not work out as intended, because of the several cases that stood in support of his ideas. He knew that a better use of this space would be for facilities that the citizens of this city could use on a regular basis. As a result, he decided to push for the construction of city centers, markets and recreational institutions that could help the people living here, and the city ass well.



The DeVos Family Foundation has also stood as a notable institution that DeVos had founded. It is an organization through which DeVos was able to help people in need, and support causes that were worth fighting for. Through the organization, DeVos also established an education freedom fund, that was meant to help educational institutions and provide scholarships to people in need.


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Stream Energy Gives Aid to Homeless Children

Stream Energy was founded in 2005 by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki. Although many services are available all over the country, energy services are available in seven states: Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Georgia, Illinois, and Washington, D.C. What is stream energy?

Stream Energy came about after the Texas deregulation that entitled customers to choose their own electric and gas power company instead of being told what their area uses. This privatized company supplies wireless, protective, and home services nationwide. It is just a matter time before all fifty states will be able to take advantage of the gas and electric services offered to only a handful of states so far.

Stream Energy believes in helping their communities through Stream Cares. The power company had given some impoverished children a chance to experience a water park for the first time in their lives. In 1989, the energy company founded Hope Supply Co. Hope Supply empowers homeless children.

Hope Supply Company was originally known as Captain Hope’s Kids. Hope Supply matches children and their families to one of dozens of homeless shelters. Hope Supply also gives out diapers and other essentials that include clothing and toys. Hope Supplies birthday celebrations, sports and athletic supplies, and takes children on trips. Stream Cares Foundation partners each year for an annual event at Hawaiian Falls Water Park. Hundreds of homeless children spend a fun-filled day. Each child is given a hat, s pair of flip-flops, and a picnic lunch.

Stream Cares Foundation began in 2005. Every month, each existing customer enrolls someone, Stream Energy donates $1. So far the donation to Stream Cares comes to around $200,000. Army and navy veterans make up only 8 percent of the homeless population. In addition to Hope Cares, the power company worked with the Red Cross, Habitat for Humanities, and Operation Once in a Lifetime. Dallas had a 24 percent homeless increase in two years. As of 2017, 560,000 people were counted as homeless in the United States. In 2018, Dallas has seen a 9 percent homeless increase. One day they’ll win the homelessness fight.


What you should know about Investment Banking and Martin Lustgarten

Building and raising capital is at the heart of every business. A country’s economic growth is highly dependent on its financial stability. The investment banking is an industry that seeks to create a driving force for necessary capital for institutions and companies. Investment banking takes on liabilities and policies from insurance companies. Investment companies are thus always protected in their investment. However, investment banking is not designed for individuals. It is designed for business and individuals that have high capital. The investment banking industry doesn’t work like a normal bank account. It has several complexities that are best handled by an expert in the field.

One of the factors that determine the success of an investment bank is a proper understanding of financial markets. Knowledge of mergers and acquisitions, brokers, securities, traders is very important for any investment banking venture. This section of the banking industry is handled by a professional known as an investment banker. The banker handles all types of investments made by the firm. He is the person that determines the success or failure of an investment company. A credible and talented investment banker makes the difference between success and failure of an investment company.

Martin Lustgarten is one example of a highly successful professional in the investment banking field. He is highly creative with investments and knows how to reduce business risks. He has gained the trust of clients as they fully rely on him. He guides most of his clients on creating a successful investment career. He doesn’t allow any of his customers to make blind decisions about future investments. People that deal with Martin are sure that it is spent well. Mr. Lustgarten ensures proper investments that last till the future.

Apart from his interests in investment banking, Lustgarten is a philanthropist that has worked with several organizations and charities. He has built a solid experience in the investment banking industry. That is why several media channel outlets seek advice from him regarding the financial situation of America. If you are interested in the investment banking industry, then Martin Lustgarten is one individual to work with.