Marc Beer leads Renovia Inc. in looking for funds to fight Pelvic floor disorders

Renovia Inc. is a company that discovered and delivered the first-line digital diagnostic and therapeutic devices. These devices help in the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor disorders in women. Renovia received a funding of $ 42.3 million that would be divided into two. $10 million would go to the business debt, and the remaining $ 32.3 Million goes to the Series B equity. The funds would help in supporting future commercial launches, corporate development, product development process, and the company’s clinical tests. Perceptive Advisors and Ascension Ventures led the series B process assisted by OSF Ventures, Cormorant Asset Management, and Longwood Fund. Others were Inova Strategic Investments, Cormorant Asset Management, and Western Technology Investment. Renova’s advisor in the process was BayCross Capital Group. Learn more:


The Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer who is also one of the Renovia Inc. founders Marc Beer thanked the group for supporting the noble idea. He noted that the supporters were leading healthcare companies that share the Renova Inc.’s vision of offering better diagnostic procedures as well as treating and improving the lives of the millions of pelvic floor disorder victims. He added that the company was thankful to have the three integrated healthcare networks and financial businesspersons because they go together with Renovia’s commercial and clinical vision. Beer also noted that the proprietary and innovative sensor technologies with the modern digital platform would provide the best services to the customers. Additionally, the customers would get valuable data informing them on the availability of contemporary treatment options, help them understand and have more knowledge on the pelvic floor disorders.


Marc Beer started Renovia Inc. in August 2016 in collaboration with the Ramon Iglesias and Yolanda Lorié. They succeeded in financing the company with the help of various healthcare venture fund in the series A process. Beer formerly worked for Viacell and sat in the Board Directors of NASDAQ: ERYP, Erytech Pharma. At Genzyme, Marc Beer worked as the Vice President of Global Marketing. Before joining Genzyme, Marc Beer worked in the sales department of NYSE: ABT, Abbott Chemicals. He served in Emerging Companies Section Governing Board of BIO, Biotechnology Industry Organization among other positions, Marc Beer is a graduate Miami University of Ohio where he pursued his Bachelors of Science degree.


How Graeme Holm Propelled Infinity Group Australia to International Recognition

In 2013, Graeme Holm founded Infinity Group Australia together with his wife, Rebecca Walker. Through his leadership, the company is one of the most reputable companies in Australia, which specialize in debt reductions. In Australia, many people have benefited from the company’s effort to help them improve their finances by helping pay their debts before due time. This strategy made the company to achieve the Australian Financial Review’s recognition. Graeme Holm led the company in a respected manner thus making it appear in the list of 2018, of the most innovative companies. The company was listed 58th of the 100 companies in the seventh edition of the listing. The achievement is a positive move since the company is just five years old.


Accepting the honor, Graeme Holm saluted the panel of judges and Inventium for the job well done of recognizing and honoring the company. To appear in the list of 1000 companies in Australia and New Zealand is not an easy task. The company must pass the qualifications, which include explaining how the company addresses the clients’ problems, the quality of the solutions, and how unique is its styles of solving them. The company must also explain its importance in the current world. However, Graeme didn’t forget to acknowledge the employees because were it not for them, and the company wouldn’t be recognized. The company, whose headquarters are located in Belle Vista, New South Wales Sydney, is always committed to the customer experience.


Graeme Holm is an experienced entrepreneur with 17 years’ experience in finance. Holm has taken part in real estate, financial planning, and economics. After learning about how the Australians were frustrated by financial institutions, he founded Infinity Group Australia to help them fix the problem. He realized that many people were unable to clear their loans, which affected their lives. The company came up with a concept of training people on how to repay their finances and pay debts quickly. He adds that it took him time to study the situation and found out that people lacked support, guidance and advice and accessibility problems to the ongoing services. He also found that the banks do not give the clients ongoing assistance.


Graeme Holm connects his success with choosing the right people to work and share ideas. He adds that through encouraging people to share their thoughts and filling the suggestion box, the shared plans are significant to him. He adds that the strength in these ideas help him to come up with innovations. Additionally, the same ideas help him connect with other professionals in the industry. Holm is categorical that through connecting with others in the industry, he can put a plan into practice very quickly. One piece of advice that Holm states clearly towards success in business is to try to solve the hardest challenge in the morning. Holm adds that through doing this on a daily basis will make someone face the day with confidence and peace of mind. He also points out the need on remaining focused because one never knows how close he or she is to the ultimate success. Learn more: