Susan McGalla Believes Women’s Roles In The Workplace Are Defined By Character Not Gender

Susan McGalla attributes just one thing to her success in the fashion retail world; hard work. She’s been an executive for several companies including American Eagle and currently the NFL Pittsburgh Steeler merchandising department. But she said it was her willingness to learn new things and devote hard work and sacrifice to the job that got her where she is today, and not being a woman. She said she grew up in a family where everyone man and woman alike were expected to work hard, and she carried that with her into business.

Susan McGalla grew up in a small eastern Ohio town and attended a small college. She moved to Pittsburgh and started out at the Joseph Horne Company where she worked 10 years in management before joining American Eagle Outfitters. She brought a lot of new brand ideas to the company as a regional merchandise manager and then expanded them as she was promoted to chief merchandising officer and president. The company had many new children’s and women’s apparel lines rolled out under her leadership.

Susan McGalla moved on to other opportunities after being with American Eagle for 16 years. She got involved with a private real estate investment firm as well as becoming a leader in the Allegheny County Redevelopment Organization. Since joining the Pittsburgh Steelers, she’s been responsible for redoing their fan gear displays and renovating the pro shop. But she also gives other marketing specialists and small businesses guidance at her own P3 Executive Consulting company.