The Success of Madison Street Capital

Recently, Madison Street Capital made a huge announcement honoring the Chief Operating Officer, Anthony Marsala, granting him the well-deserved M&A Advisors 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award. The decisions were based on accomplishments and expertise and were judged by an impressive panel who isn’t known for making it the easiest decision. Not only were the judges impressive, so were the nominees that Anthony was in competition with. You can imagine that they would have just the same or if not more experience than Anthony and he was recognized for his accomplishments and expertise in the throughout his career.

He was very humble about becoming the next the winner of the award, and going on to say how “thrilled” he was to be given the prestigious reward and crediting his co-workers and team of professionals for their hard work and dedication in the road to his success. The M&A Advisor Emerging Leader Awards was founded as the 40 under 40 awards in the USA in 2010 that’s purpose is to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of young M&A financing professionals who reach a huge level of success on a consistent basis and Anthony Masala did just that. If you want to read closer on this story, it can be found in The Chicago Tribune.

Madison Street Capital (MSC) is an international investment bank company that has assisted clients in a diverse range of industries. MSC was founded in 2005 and provide a variety of services including business valuation, financial opinions for middle-market companies, and corporate advisory. They are a leading provider of mergers and acqusitions for several companies. Another good asset that Madison Street Capital has is telling their clients the truth about what they need to hear. MSC is very good at getting straight to the point and being completely blunt about their financial advice and giving what the client needs to hear instead of what they want to hear.
They have succeeded in helping dozens of companies in their financial future and have no intention of changing that anytime soon. Although MSC has only been around since 2005, they plan to grow bigger as a company and have a long-term goal to give advice to other companies to see them succeed in the financial business world. As of today Madison Street Capital has become one of the biggest investment firms in the past 10+ years and will continue to grow and help other businesses for many years!

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Helane Morrison Emerges Victorious in the Fight against Corruption

Only special type of people are able to uphold high morals in term of ethics and integrity throughout their lifetime. It is an obvious fact that everyone wants to do what is right, but not everyone possesses the robust character to keep self as well as those around them on the intended path.

Helane Morrison is that one kind of a special person. Since her beginnings as a journalist to her time as a civil servant, Morrison has put all her efforts to curb corruption and protect those likely to be vulnerable. Determined, powerful and remarkably influential, she continues making impact on the industry, and for more than three decades now Helane Morrison still going strong. This has made her to be recognized as vital player in the current industry.

At the start of the global economic crunch in 2007, most individuals throughout the country were in a panic mode as those institutions that they had relied upon were crumbling around them. As banks turned to the government for bailouts and unemployment skyrocketed, important questions needed answers. Answers had not being provided for too long for questions such as; who to trust? What’s the source of my money? How safe are my investments? and so on.

The 2007/2008 economic crisis did not only send the America’s economy into a tailspin, but it also effectively exposed unethical behavior. Apparently, every stone that got unturned revealed falsified records, underhanded records and fraud. This was concrete proof of the level of corruption and how it had remained unchecked for long. The crunch continued leading to the obvious; collapse of the stock markets, foreclosure of homes, soaring unemployment and loss of faith in banks, Wall Street and corporations. People started feeling more confident storing their money under their pillows than in banks. Stocks were swiftly liquated to gold as individuals lost faith in institutions they relied on.

Ms. Morrison played an important role in cleaning all these messes by exposing corrupt deals and cartels. Morrison currently serves as the Managing Director, Chief Compliance Officers and the General Counsel of the Hall Capital Partners LLC. Before joining the firm, she headed San Francisco Office of US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Helane Morrison serves as a board member of Regional Parks Foundation. She also acts as a member at the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of American Bar Association. Morrison is a periodic speaker on topics of legal and compliance issues that affect private funds and investment advisers.