Thor Halvorssen Confronts Bad Governments

The world today is one that often have tyrants in charge. Many people today live under the demands of dictators who are selfish and think only of their own needs. It is left up to outside advisers to help push them treat their own people better and to demand much needed changes. Such is the case with international gadfly Thor Halvorssen. Halvorssen is one person who has been at forefront of the demand for international change. He remains someone who is not afraid to call for changes and demand that governments around the world be more accountable to the people they serve. As an article about his actions in The Weekly Standard recounts, Halvorssen is not content with the status quo.

Standing Firm In The Face Of Bad Policies

According to a recent Reddit thread, Halvorssen resists labels. Some on the left see him as very much a person of the right for his noted criticism of many Latin American leftist governments. However, he believes in the notion of universal human rights that transcends all government policies and aims for a universal ideal where all people have the opportunity to live under governments that meets their needs. He reserves the right to criticize all governments that aren’t living up to the needs of their people. The governments that he has criticized also include places such as Chile where right wing governments rule as well as countries in Latin American that are governed by those more to the left. Halvorssen hopes to focus attention where it belongs.

His Goals

In his life, he aims to help lead his modest twelve person staff to do good for all the needs of his staffers. This is why he has shown them where it is best to direct their energies in order to do the most good. He knows that it is imperative to husband all of his community’s resources to best serve the needs of the world’s oppressed population.

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