Rocketship Education Provides Low-Income Parents School Choice

Education is a cornerstone of success in America. A person without an education will usually make less income and work in low-skilled professions. The education process starts in elementary school. This is the place where people begin to build their educational foundation that will help them later in life.

Upper income parents or parents from middle-class communities typically have school choices and good schools to educate their children. However, low-income students tend to suffer more than any other economic group. These individuals are often forced to attend sub-par public schools that are below average.

Parents from poorer communities realize that their children need a good education. However, they feel trapped by having to send their children to bad schools just because they are in their district. Rocketship Education Public Schools were created to change this condition.

Rocketship Education Public Schools are charter schools that give parents choice.

They are public schools because they receive funding from the state and anyone can attend. They are charter schools because they are not subject to the regulations that are imposed on public schools within a community. Rocketship Education Public Schools are a part of a non-profit network.

This school network is headquartered in Redwood City, California. They have different locations strategically placed all over the country. Once parents learn about Rocketship Education they can petition or organize a campaign to bring them to their location. The schools are well received within low-income areas.

Keep in mind that any student from any economic background can attend Rocketship. While the schools are designed to serve low-income pupils, children from other backgrounds can also get an outstanding education from here as well. The institution provides children with STEM classes and a high level challenging curriculum that helps children to succeed all throughout their school career.

Rocketship not only provides students with high quality instruction, they also help their families in times of need. When a student’s family faces a disaster or some type of unfortunate event, Rocketship Education steps in to assist them. This assistance could come in the form of temporary housing or providing food when families need it the most. Rocketship Education Charter Schools wants students and their parents to live a productive and healthy life. Having this kind of stability helps their students to focus on their studies and to do well in school.