Dr. Eric Forsthoefel in the Emergency Room

If you find you must visit Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare’s Hospital Emergency Room, you are likely to receive care from Dr. Eric Forsthoefel. He has six years of experience practicing emergency medicine. He practices in conjunction with other emergency physicians. He graduated from the Louisiana State University School of Medicine.


Dr. Forsthoefel is a board certified to practice Emergency Medicine. His specialties include accidents, trauma and injury. On any given day he may treat persons with rapid onset illness, or people injured in work related accidents and other mishaps. The goal of an ER physician is to see and treat the immediate problem and stabilize the patient. At that time the patient may be transferred to care of an appropriate nature or sent home.

His job is treating any acute conditions that are presented to him in the emergency room.


Dr. Eric Forsthoefel speaks English but persons in his office also can converse in Spanish if the need arises to provide care. His office is in Tallahassee area, and is where he may be located if not on duty at the Emergency Room.


As a critical care physician it is not unusual for Dr. Forsthoefel to see stroke victims, people with heart condition and other serious non-accident conditions. He is responsible to assess what further care will be needed by ordering tests and taking health history as well as problem onset.


Although Dr. Forsthoefel has an office he generally only sees patients in the emergency room of Tallahassee Memorial. As a critical care physician he will bring his knowledge and experience from treating a broad range of medical topics. As his time in the practice increases his expertise will naturally increase.


Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is a fully educated and board certified critical care physician. With six years of practice he has gained some expertise, and will be constantly fine tuning his abilities. Emergency medicine is unpredictable and challenging. Dr. Forsthoefel sees a variety of patients and is continually challenged to meet a wide range of critical care needs.



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