Lori Senecal On the Importance Of Video Ads

Lori Senecal was recognized by Fast Company for her work in being innovative in the advertising world. When she headed KBS, she focused on how she can grow the business effectively so that she can take it to a whole new level. Lori Senecal is known as a leader. She has great leadership skills. However, there are many other skills that make her so successful. For example, she knows a lot about ecommerce. This way, she can help guide the companies she works with so that they can increase their online sales through various forms of marketing on social media or on other places on the internet.


Lori says that if you want to catch people’s attention and get them to look at your ads, especially if you are advertising on platforms such as Facebook, you need to have content that is visually appealing. You need to stand out. The first thing you should do is try using videos and see whether engagement rates go up or down. The reality is that a very small percentage of ads are currently video ads. Video ads, however, often get a lot more engagement than regular ads. They can get more than three times, and sometimes up to twenty times, more engagement. Since not a lot of people are doing it, Lori Senecal says that it is a good way to beat your competition and get ahead of the curve, so to speak.


You should always work with professionals who know what they are doing. According to GC Report, professionals like Lori Senecal use their years of experience with various high quality clients to apply what works to your campaigns. It is also a good idea to post evergreen content. Evergreen content, as opposed to content that is seasonal, is a great way to make sure that your campaigns have a long lasting impact. Another idea, says Lori Senecal, is to use square formatting rather than landscape mode. This can d0 wonders for your engagement rate. Lori Senecal was the CEO of Crispin Porter and Bogusky, a respected ad agency.