Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are Changing the Stigma around Mental Health

Depression is the most common mental illness reported in the world, and is the greatest cause of youth suicide, yet there is still a stigma around the subject, which may result in many not seeking help. ADHD is another incredibly common condition met with a similar stigma, though it has recently been reported that eleven percent of children from the ages of four to seventeen have a diagnosis. Neurocore Brain Performance centers, who are now performing clinical trials in Michigan and Florida are determined to change these stigmas, however, and help sufferers of ADHD, Depression, and a variety of other related disorders see long lasting results, by focusing on the area where the problems are occurring; the brain. Read more about Neurocore at

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers offer a unique and fresh approach to treating Depression and ADHD. By a process called brain mapping, the individualized issues with the brain can begin to be seen and thus created a solution for. Through Nuero and biofeedback, a personalized program is developed for all of those receiving treatment which better enables them to quell rising anxieties, understand when something is wrong inside them, and ultimately see results that will continue to last. Beginning with the programs brain analysis, real healing can begin for a variety of conditions. Tiffany and Jackson Pojeski are a testament to the power of Neurocore’s treatment program.


Tiffany says though Jackson had never been diagnosed with ADHD, she had known something was wrong with her child, the way a mother does, for awhile. Tiffany had even resorted to using Melatonin to help Jackson ‘turn his brain off,’ something she said was impossible for the boy. She reported an incredible positive change in Jackson after being treated with Neurocore’s program, however. She notes that now Jackson has done a one eighty in terms of his problems focusing, his sleep issues, and the meltdowns he once suffered from daily. After forty sessions with Neurocore, Tiffany says Jackson is sleeping better, focusing better, and talking about how happy he is. Read more about Neurocore at