Upwork Freelancer Platform Makes Profits through IPO

Upwork Freelancer Platform Makes Profits Through IPO

Upwork is one of the largest freelancing networks around the globe. The company was formed in the year 2014 when tow companies by the name lance and oDesk merged. Lance was founded 22 years ago and oDesk was founded eighteen years ago. Following their merge, Upwork came to be. The Chief Executive Officer of Upwork is Stephane Kasriel. Kasriel has taken it upon himself to raise funds for the company and so far he has been able to raise more than a hundred million dollars from investments. The first round was funding was done immediately after the merge amounting to thirty million dollars that went to the start of the company.

One of the largest investors of the company is Benchmark which owns a stake in the company amounting to 15 percent of the total stakes. Sigma is also a partner with 14.2 percent shares. Globes Capital Partners, T. Rowe, First Mark Capital, and SG Growth Partners are also other partners with 12.9, 10.6, 5.7 and 5.5 percent of the shares respectively. At the beginning of the month of October this year, Dragoneer Investment group made a thirty-two million dollar investment in the company making them the largest shareholder with twenty percent of the company’s shares. There several other investors looking to invest in the company which has been doing impeccably since it was founded. In fact, reports show that the company earns more than 225 million dollars annual revenue. The services that the company offers amount to nearly 1.5 million dollars.

Upwork employs more than 300000 freelancers who offer services to almost a hundred thousand clients form more than a hundred and eighty countries in different parts of the globe. The clients being served by Upwork come from more than a hundred business categories and a variety of industries.

How does the Upwork platform work?

The Upwork platform is a means that connects employers from different parts of the globe with freelancers so that they can work distantly. The freelancers at Upwork have to create a profile and go through a series of tests in order to form an account. The account is then made available for employers to scrutinize and find the best-suited employee with whom they will work on either short-term or long-term projects.

The Disruption of the Credit Market by GreenSky

The abrupt emergence of GreenSky  in the finance industry has brought a lot of disruption, especially in the credit market. This is because of the new techniques and methodologies that the company has brought to the industry, under the leadership of its principal, David Zalik. At first, people thought that the company had brought competition to the other banking organizations in the industry. However, it has come to be proven that the operations of GreenSky  are at a unique level. First, the company does not operate as an ordinary lender; it functions as a lending partner. Its role in the credit market is to link lending facilities using technology and to provide them with the right logistics to serve their customers.

Some of the partners with which GreenSky  has engaged in business include the merchants, small lenders, and contractors. For the contractors, you find that sometimes their clients needed to access their services but lacked enough funds to get the services that they needed. Through the partnership with GreenSky, the partners can offer the services to the clients on credit without worrying about their financial stability because GreenSky is on their support. In the same way, the merchants also offer their products on credit to their customers with more confidence because they have GreenSky as their backup.

For the small lenders, the partnership runs on a different concept. Many times you find that the firms have plenty of customers who require financing through loans and mortgages such that their demand surpasses the supply of these companies. In such circumstances, GreenSky  acts as a secondary lender by offering financial support to the lending firms. This would benefit the firm because they can maintain their customers despite the capital inadequacy. In return, GreenSky charges a small commission on any outstanding loan balances on the customers, making the partnership mutual.

As a result, the clients in the financial credit market have become very satisfied with the services that they get from the combined efforts of these partners. They are always assured of getting financial assistance any time they require because the funds are ever made available by GreenSky