Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade: Over Four Decades of Operation in the Brazilian Market

CAOA is unarguably one of the biggest automobile manufacturing and distribution firm in Brazil. The firm was founded back in 1979. The founding member was retired physicians and entrepreneur Dr. Carlos. Currently, Dr. Carlos is among the firm’s Board of Directors. CAOA was born through the entrepreneurial spirit from a renowned and revered surgeon in Brazil.

Four decades ago, the previous dealers of Ford were declared insolvent following the sale of the Ford Landau. The Ford Landau, however, failed to be turned to Dr. Carlos. As a means of compensation, the dealership was handed over to Dr. Carlos as payment for the Ford Landau.

This marked the beginning of CAOA, and Dr. Carlos began the management of the firm. In a matter of six years, CAOA has turned into a beehive for Ford dealers in the country. When the Brazil ruled in favor of the importation of vehicles in 1992, CAOA landed the dealership for Renault.

In 1998, Dr. Carlos attained another dealership this time as a legitimate importer of Subaru brand. This led to the tripling in the number of sales in a matter of months. It was ranked the fifth in terms of the automobile industry worldwide.

A year later, Dr. Carlos also picked up the Hyundai representation. Through the marketing strategy applied by Dr. Carlos, the Hyundai brand led in terms of the imported cars of the Hyundai model in the country.

The success of the Hyundai brand in Brazil led to the inauguration of the first manufacturing firm in Brazil. Through the use of his own resources, Dr. Carlos scooped the award for businessman of the year under the category of the automobile industry by the IstoE Dinheiro magazine.

The firm recently entered another partnership with Chinese Chery which led to the formation of the car manufacturer dubbed “CAOA Chery”. The deal would see Brazil develop its first wholly-owned manufacturing firm.

Currently, the firm has made its presence in all the regions in Brazil through the Hyundai, Subaru and Ford brands. With over four decades in the market, CAOA has surpassed the one million mark of vehicles sold in Brazil.