A Taste of France

Bellamy’s Restaurant seems to permeate its guest with a quality and elegance that is impossible to ignore. Perhaps this is why Bellamy is the most romantic place to dine at in Escondido, San Diego. Dalrada news says that Brian Bonar is proud to be the owner of this ultra-modern trendy French cuisine. Bellamy’s Restaurant is upscale dining in a charming place for California’s best cooks.

Brian Bonar created Bellamy’s Restaurant to stand out among the rest by hiring award winning Patrick Ponsaty also known as the Master French Chef to overwhelm his guest’s appetites. Ponsaty takes pleasure in being a part of the uprising Bellamy but looks forward to his future at Bandy Cannon.

Their service is absolutely impeccable and equivalent to first class. Bellamy’s Restaurant has an abundant selection of wine to pair with a signature dish and other cocktails made by their reputable head bartender Kevin Ashe . From farm to sea to your table the menu selection is superb. The plush seats, exquisite art, and the french aromatic atmosphere will make you feel as though you are dining in France.

BloomBerg reporter says that Entrepreneur Brian Bonar is the mastermind behind the beautiful Bellamy’s Restaurant. He is known for his eloquence and his designs in establishing prime restaurants in the San Diego area.

He began his career as a procurement manager at IBM and after absorbing the knowledge he needed he went on to create his own company called Bezier Systems. Brian Bonar quickly escalated up the path of success and soon became the CEO of Trumpet Inc.

Finding his passion in life he earned his Bachelors Degree in Technical Engineering from James Watt Technical College and afterwards he earned his Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stafford University.