Whitney Wolfe Makes Dating Easier For Women

Whitney Wolfe is speaking to a new generation of women that are going to want something else from their lives. She is not someone that is simply waiting around for other executives to give her a perspective of what the dating world needs to look like. To the contrary, Whitney Wolfe has her own vision for the dating world, and she took two creating a platform that allowed her to express this. Bumble is the app that came forth from Whitney Wolfe after she had time to see what the dating industry was really like.

Tinder was her official introduction to the dating world through apps. She was the co-founder of this app, and this gave her a great perspective to see what users were really looking for. This also gave her time to see what would work and what did not work. Whitney Wolfe studied dating apps and found what singles wanted the dating app world to look like.

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Whitney Wolfe had a vision, and she was just waiting for an opportunity where she could speak freely and build one the vision that she had. She was a co-founder with Tinder, but she didn’t have to ask for any permission to do what she did with Bumble. She was the only one in charge, and she was willing to take the risk to fail or succeed all on her own.

It is quite obvious that this was a app that took a lot of research to bring to the market. There was no guarantee that people would become fans of an app where the woman was the one that was making the first move. Older women that believe in the traditional courtship where the man is in pursuit may not like this, but many younger single women love Bumble.

Learn more about Whitney Wolfe: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-switch/wp/2015/12/02/whitney-wolfe-founder-of-dating-app-bumble-has-had-quite-the-year-she-just-cant-discuss-parts-of-it/?utm_term=.e3a6795b7f43

This New App Called Skout Is A Genius Way To Meet People

The most exciting new thing I have experienced by using my smart phone is held within the value that my device creates in meeting new people. My smart phone is my personal liaison that introduces me to new people in my area and in other parts of the world. The app that I am using is called Skout, and it is one of the leading applications in the social media industry. Skout is a great, new way to find people with similar interests in chatting, meeting up and even dating. It is unlike the social media and dating sites out there that encourage one thing or another. Skout is an open platform. You can join Skout in hopes of finding your particular interest in romance or friendship today, and by tonight you will likely be talking to someone that fits that description.

Setting Up A Profile On Skout

There is an article from Adweek that goes over all of the benefits in using this platform. This post will cover some of that information as well, but if you are looking for something more in depth, then you should take a gander at the article that Adweek published about Skout. There are so many interesting people on Skout’s network who are there for a variety of reasons. You can easily meet people to simply chat with on Skout, or you can decide that you want to find someone to meet in real life. Also, you can always update your preferences in your Skout profile at any time, so if you decide to pursue something different on Skout at a later day, it is easy to make these changes.

If you want to meet new people online, then Skout is the way to go. They have a bunch of new and exciting features that are available for you to test out. These feature, like the one called Wink Bomb, are designed to raise awareness to other users that you are on Skout, so you will likely see new interactions if you choose to use these features. Here’s that article from Adweek.