Beneful wet food and dry food purchasing options at Walmart

When browsing the pet food aisles at Walmart a customer will immediately notice how many purchase options are available. Walmart offers quite a selection of dry and wet Beneful brand dog food. The wet food is available in smaller 3oz containers as well as 10oz sized tubs. The 10oz sized tubs are available in a large selection of flavor varieties for $1.77 each. Beneful has container tub boxes that provide six tubs per box for $10.58. The 3oz containers also come packaged in boxes that contain 27 containers for $14.94 or 12 for $6.97.

In addition to the many purchasing options of wet dog food, Beneful features many dry food selection in various sized bags. Small 3.5lb bags retail for $5.48. A 12.5lb bag of grain free dry beneful retails for $17.98. The 15.5lb bag retails for $13.98. A 31.1lb bag of healthy weight dry dog food retails for $26.98. A 40lb bag of healthy weight or originals retails for $33.98.Walmart offers routine sales that are referred to as “roll backs”. Beneful customers will routinely find their pets favorite brand of dog food on sale at Walmart. Walmart’s website also will feature manufacturer coupons from time to time for Beneful.

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Beneful’s Wet Dog Food: Delicious, Nutritious, and Essential

Research conducted by has revealed that dogs love wet food as a result of its close flavor and texture resemblances to actual meat. Additionally, a diet consisting of wet food offers the advantage of providing adequate hydration. Of course, it is greatly recommended by veterinarians to introduce a balance of both wet and dry dog foods to your dog’s diet as a direct result of the advantages that both foods provide. Delicious, natural wet dog food can be a great motivator to get your pet’s to take any necessary medications, and to eat a proper serving of dry food as well. Beneful offers on WalMart groceries moisture-rich foods that will have your dog slobbering just a bit more than usual.

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1. Beneful Chopped Blends: Miscellaneous meats and fish give this wet food a savory kick. Barley, rice, and fresh carrots or peas ensure proper nutrition is had with every meal.

2. Romana Style: Made with chicken, carrots, pasta, and spinach, this pooch-friendly meal will have you wondering if your dog actually eats better than you do!

3. Simmered Beef Entree: Accented with chunks of carrots and spinach, this entree has barley and wild rice to add some healthy carbohydrates to your dog’s diet.

4. Savory Rice and Lamb Stew: A dog’s diet began with lamb simply because that was among the most common meats in earlier eras. Mixing the hearty meat with rice, peas, and carrots makes for a perfect meal for your pup.

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