Organo Gold Leaders in Coffee and Tea Marketing

Organo Gold was formed in 2008 by Bernardo Chua who is the current Chief Executive Officer. Bernado Chua is a famous network Market executive who has been able to design Organo Gold using beneficial components in the field of networking. The company operates by selling products that develop an active lifestyle together with OGX which is a body management product.

Organo Gold has its origin in Vancouver in British Columbia with a dream of pioneering the use of Ganoderma herb to the western world. The herb widely used in Asian medicine the goal was to integrate it to a commonly used beverage coffee which led to the launch of Organo Gold. More products were developed after the start of the company such as tea products and the pre-brewed coffee line of organo expanded. Watch this video on Youtube.

Organo Gold is a network marketing firm. Therefore, it has been able to sell its products through an independent distributor network and also directly though ShopOG it’s online retail shop. An individual can be part of organo family by either being a retail customer, a customer who receives monthly shipments or an independent supplier.

The popularity of the products has grown internationally over the years conducting its business in more than 50 countries which reflects the quality of the product and distribution network. Organo Gold has a structure that compensated the suppliers by rewarding them and also promoting teamwork. The company offers an online training program that allows the new suppliers with skills for success and provides help to both seasoned and new distributors. Visit to know more.

The company is mainly known for the rich flavors of coffee, the tea products that help in detoxification and energy supplements has also grown in popularity. Organo Gold started the X4Ever program with the support from distributors which encourages, educates and motivates the consumers to achieve their goals in lifestyle. The program has helped individuals have an active lifestyle. Organo Gold is the sole corporate sponsor of an organization that helps in providing opportunities around the world for the youth, OG Cares Foundation. The organization funds OG Cares Foundation Children’s home in India.


Lacey and Larkin Parade Joe Arpaio’s Character through Content Writing

The name Sherriff Joe Arpaio is often linked to irregularities in the Arizonian justice and reconciliation system. Joe recently graced news headlines following President Trump’s pardon during his conviction. Initially, a new move by the attorney’s office district sent him to jail following a criminal act.

Joe additionally tried to defy a court order issued by a federal judge. He was linked to a lawsuit that incriminated him for racial profiling. Trump’s pardon was right on time as Joe was about to be sentenced.

The Ruling

Bolton’s ruling closed Arpaio’s case with the latest one involving Michael Lacey and to Jim Larkin. The duo is prominent for their expertise in writing professional articles with alarming subjects that affect the society in one way or another.

As the owners of Phoenix New Times at that moment, they raised the alarm regarding Joe’s misconduct in handling inmates at the Arizonian correctional facility. Lacey and Larkin exposed Joe’s scandals including his commitment to ensuring that humans suffer.

Lacey’s Reaction

People reacted differently when Trump granted Joe mercy. Rex Tillerson said that it was not in good taste to free such a person because justice delayed is justice denied. Sounding offensive, Lacey agreed with his sentiments. He added that it was a partnership of two corrupt officials who are in bed to ruin the judicial system. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

Lacey was further offended because he understands Joe’s negative impact on people’s lives. He continues to state that he glorified racism and tortured people in prisons. As if that was not enough, he gloated about it. Joe went to the extent of facilitating killings in correctional facilities.

Joe’s Character

From inmate’s suicides to the illegal use of funds and sex crimes, Joe Arpaio was charged with more than enough criminal acts to put him away. Aside from the mentioned acts, he harassed Latinos and created different profiles of races, an act that contributed to hate in the community.

Even in his conviction, most people believed that Arpaio would still get away with it. In fact, most would say that Trump’s input was just a minute contribution to his release.

Michael and Jim

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have jointly worked together for years. The two media personalities are philanthropists. They commit to helping the people of Arizona lead better lives. When they were arrested by Joe Arpaio ten years ago, they pleaded innocent.

According to the law, such ruling attracts compensation. They were awarded about $ 3.7 million. As individuals who love people and are dedicated to improving their lives, they channelled the money to Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund. That is how they have been supporting immigrants and the less fortunate in Arizona.

Additional Information

Michael and Jim manage the Phoenix New Times paper. They use this paper to disseminate critical information that can save lives or better the community. Since the first launch in 1970, the paper has been instrumental in sharing crucial information with readers. The paper covers news in Arizona and its surroundings.

How Shiraz Boghani Achievements Have Made Him Popular

In the modern times, investments have become very complicated. Sometimes, people are making investments that result in loses because of the type of industry they have chosen. Some of the most risky investments in the entire world are considered to be the most profitable. The hotel industry is supposed to be one of these. When an individual is starting a venture in the hospitality department, they are forced to spend a huge amount of money setting everything up and ensuring that the customers who visit the hotel never get a chance to complain. The modern customer has even made things worse for the people who are interested in the hotel industry. Clients in the recent times choose to go for hotels that have state of the art services so that they can get value for their money. Constructing a luxurious hotel in the modern times does not come easily.


There are some few businessmen who are performing so well after investing their money in the hotel industry. Shiraz Boghani is one of these individuals. The businessman has become popular in the tough times because of the excellence he has shown in the management of leading hotels in Britain. When he was starting a career in the hospitality department, the businessman did not know what the future had in store for him. With a lot of patience and hard work in all the steps he took, the renowned investor has made sure that he impresses the people who visit his group of hotels. The amount of profits he has earned over the years while working in the tight market shows that he is in the right profession.

Just recently, Shiraz Boghani was announced as one of the winners in the hospitality department. According to several publications, Shiraz has been doing so well while working as the chairman of Splendid, a leading group of hotels that are found in Britain. Although he was kind to accept the recognition, the businessman believes that he has only been performing well because of the help he has been given by his customers and employees. The businessman is looking forward to winning more awards in the future. As the chairman of one of the leading hotels in the country, the businessman understands how a successful hotel should operate. After working in the tight markets for the last thirty years, Shiraz has managed to show his excellence in hospitality. He’s also co-founder of Sussex Healthcare.

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The Simplified Solution of EPS in Employee Incentives by Jeremy Goldstein

Including Earnings per Share as a metric in the performance parameter of companies is a long-discussed topic among the executives, compensation committees, and management. The varied benefits and some major flaws of EPS are making people doubt about the effectiveness of the metric. This is where the expert opinion on Jeremy Goldstein, a compensation structuring expert with a few decades of experience, is highly valued and welcomed. He confirmed that including EPS in the compensation structuring could be treated as a positive thing. Goldstein identified that the metric became one of the biggest influencers in the stock market in deciding the price of the stock.



It helps the shareholders to buy or sell the stocks for a better deal and provides a holistic view on the performance of it. At the same time, the employees and executives of companies also get chances of competitive pay based on EPS. A recent study confirmed that including EPS in the pay structure helped many companies to be significantly successful. However, Jeremy Goldstein also revealed some of the concerns of the critics of EPS. According to them, the competitive nature of trades and stocks gives management to make unfair advantage using EPS as a metric. It has the capacity to cause favoritism and blind following behind the CEOs of firms.



Importantly, the metric gives significant powers to the executives rather than a collective control. These additional powers help the executives to skew results for the benefits of themselves, which is purely detrimental to the interests of shareholders. Goldstein said that it would create the downfall of share value and lead to regulatory issues in extreme cases. Another set of people think that it is not focusing on the long-term growth of the firm and focuses only on short-term profitability. Jeremy Goldstein took a compromised stand on EPS and asked the compensation committees to include EPS as a metric. Further, the executives should be held responsible for their executive actions, and the pay per performance options should be targeting long-term goals of the business. Learn more:



Jeremy Goldstein is also an attorney based in New York City with excellent exposure to compensation and corporate matters. He is the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, a law firm focusing on solutions including compensation, corporate affairs, compliance issues, and more. Goldstein collaborated with numerous companies from different sectors including oil companies, banking firms, cellular service providers, stockholder companies, and more.



Jeremy Goldstein is also associated with many major corporate mergers and acquisitions. Some of his clients include United Technologies, Sanofi-Aventis, Duke Energy, Goldman Sachs, The Dow Chemical Company, Verizon Wireless, SBC Communications Inc., Bank of America Corporation, and more. Goldstein earned his graduation in Law from School of Law – New York University.



Dr. David Samadi, Former Fox News Host, Weighs in on Romney’s Surgery

Dr David Samadi was born in Iran and lived there until the end of the Iranian Revolution. He made it to the United States by way of Belgium and London and earned his high school degree in New York state. He earned his first college degree from Stony Brook University and finished his education at the school in 1994. David Samadi completed postgraduate schooling at Montefiore Medical Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and Montefiore Medical Center. His final stop was at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in 2001.

Dr. Samadi is best known for two things, being the Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City and his five year run on Fox News where he was host of Sunday Housecall.

In mid January of 2018, Dr. David Samadi wrote on the Huffington Post about former presidential candidate and congressman Mitt Romney’s recent medical scare.

Mitt Romney says he was diagnosed with prostate cancer during the previous summer. The good news is, he handled all of the necessary procedures before making the announcement concerning his recent medical history. Due his diligence, Romney was able to confirm that he was in remission after a successful surgery performed by Dr. Thomas Ahlering at UC Irvine Hospital in California.

Dr. Samadi goes on in the article to explain how he believes that Romney and his surgeon made an excellent decision. “I have several reasons why I recommend surgery over radiation,” Samadi begins. “One is patients treated with radiation are twice as likely to die from prostate cancer and one and a half times more likely to die sooner than men [who] had prostate cancer treated with surgery.”

Whenever you get radiation treatment for cancer, there is always a chance that the radiation treatment itself may cause another type of cancer, such as bladder or rectal cancer. Radiation has negative side-effects on those parts of the body and if the cancer does not respond to the radiation in the way preferred, it can be very difficult to perform surgery on the patient.

Along with Mitt Romney, fellow politicians Colin Powell and John Kerry were diagnosed with prostate cancer and all chose surgery. Each one has survived the initial surgery and are doing fine.

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Lacey & Larkin: From Dropping Out of College to Building a Media Empire, all by Way of the First Amendment

Merely weeks before being sentenced after the conviction of a 2007 racial-profiling case, Joe Arpaio, the former Maricopa County sheriff, had a presidential pardon approved by U.S. District Judge Susan R. Bolton. The ruling brings to a close the most recent developments in a narrative decades in the making. Read more:  Michael Lacey | Twitter and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

From deaths by beatings, to suicides, to illegally reallocating over $100 million in jail funds, to sex crimes, to harassing Latinos, the six-term, 24 year Arpaio administration, among other things, was marred by scandal. Every step of the way, however, was closely followed and reported by two newspapermen who became an inconvenience so considerable, that the sheriff had them arrested in October 2007.

At first, the reactions from the sheriff’s office were limited to not allowing access to press conferences, ignoring requests for county records and threatening arrest. But such a constant thorn in his side were these two individuals, that on October 18, 2007, they were both cuffed and dragged away from their homes by detectives in plain clothes and unmarked vehicles with Mexican plates.

The wide-spread reaction to the arrests came fast and was intense. Stories appeared in a number of newspapers, and the outrage forced Maricopa County’s attorney and ally of Joe Arpaio to announce in a press conference that the arrests were not proper and declared the case closed.

The two newspapermen are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, two Arizona State University dropouts, who, over 40 years have turned a campus newspapers into a media empire. This empire includes Phoenix New Times, the newspaper which reported on Arpaio’s misdeeds.

As for Donald Trump’s pardon of Arpaio, Lacey opines that it proves how foolish the President is and that it represents the marriage two corrupt individuals. Arpaio, being a skilled reader of political shifts, endorsed Donald Trump at a time when the notion of his nomination was being mocked. This move came with a great payoff, a presidential pardon.

Jim Larkin, a native of Phoenix, Arizona, partnered up with Michael Lacey in 1972 after having dropped out of his Alma Matter. Their association was to lead the Phoenix New Times, a free publication which came into existence thanks to the ultra-conservative coverage of antiwar protests by students that the local media had carried out.

Lacey assumed the role of executive editor and Larkin lead all aspects related to advertising. With the pair at the helm, the newspaper garnered an ever growing audience as it explored various issues in the social and political arenas, and became a prominent entity among the different alternative newspapers that were on the rise.

Just over a decade later, in 1983, the Phoenix News Times made a move that initiated an expansion that would help it become a massive coast to coast newspaper conglomerate. The move was the purchase of Westword, a weekly publication from Denver, Colorado, which focused on news and arts.

As time passed, and with a strong commitment to freedom of expression, the company procured a reputation for investigative journalism, magazine-style writing and classy coverage of culture related topics.

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Omar Boraie Develops a Strategy

America has always been known as the place you wanted to go if you wanted to achieve riches. While it is certainly true that this amazing country still provides the best opportunity to grow rich, you may want to think again as many in the middle and lower class are apt to turn on you when you become successful. This is because many people in the top 1% have reputations as backstabbers and oppressors. This is true for many of them but not for Omar Boraie.

Omar Boraie has been called by many people as the father of New Brunswick. This is because he has dedicated his enormous wealth as well as his time to helping New Brunswick become an economic center in the state of New Jersey.

Omar Boraie educated New Brunswick on his four-step plan that would make their city great again. He spoke to them about the first part of his plan which was to make families more connected as a community. He explained in the second part of his plan he wanted to stabilize a volatile job market. He told them the third of his plan was to create a dream team who would work together and align their visions so that they would work in harmony to help New Brunswick grow. He explained to them the last part of his plan was to bring back the middle-class professionals to the area. Check out for more.

Omar Boraie thought the best way to build community through families was to work through the churches. He offered to give them funds if they would, in turn, create events that were attractive for families and built relationships.

Omar Boraie also thought that the best way to secure the job market was to get Johnson and Johnson to stay in the local area.

When Omar Boraie built the dream team, he included people such as the President of Rutgers University, himself, the Mayor, several state Senators, and members of the City Council.

Omar Boraie worked tirelessly to bring back the middle class. He did that by making New Brunswick competitive in the area real estate. The competitiveness came in two forms. The first form was lower prices of surrounding cities. The second form was a higher-quality facility for a lower middle-class price. This brought in many young families and professionals who are just looking to start their practices. This created a circular effect everywhere. You can visit his website to see more.


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James Dondero: Finance and Accounting Expert Enriching Lives in Dallas

The Known Philanthropist in Dallas graduated with Accounting and Finance as dual majors from the University Of Virginia School Of Commerce in 1984. James Dondero then joined the Morgan Guaranty training program and began his analyst career. Besides his undergraduate honors, James is also a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Management Accountant (CMA). Despite his previous original focus on accounting and finance, Jim ventured into the investment industry where he served in GIC’s Protective Life Subsidiary as the Chief Investment Officer. He is in the history books for growing the business’ worth to more than 2 billion dollars in only four years. Visit to know more about James.

James Dondero currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman at Highland Acquisition Corporation. The thirty-year experience in credit and equity markets positions him on top of other professionals in the industry. As a result, Jim serves in various capacities in different organizations because of his record in financial management and investment decisions. In 2015 for instance, James Dondero was appointed to the board of directors for NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc. Additionally, he serves in various companies including; CSS Medical and Cornerstone Healthcare, MGM Studios, and American Banknote Corporation. Visit to know more about James Dondero.

James’ professional record led to his appointment as president for Highland Capital Management. The SEC-registered company manages approximately $13.5 billion assets. Highland is known for its focus on healthcare where it currently manages $2 billion assets in form of mutual and institutional funds. The company’s business structure revolves around separate accounts, hedge funds, ETFs, CLOs as well as distressed and special situations private equity. Highland’s affiliates include; NexPoint Capital (healthcare BDC) and Acis Capital Management. James Dondero ably leads a team of experts in diverse fields ranging from administration, finance, accounting, to asset management hence continuous growth and expansion of Highland Capital Management, L.P.

Apart from his expertise in finance, accounting, and management fields, Jim is involved with numerous charitable activities. The existing donations and partnerships in Dallas resulted from James’ commitment to improving educational opportunities for Dallas residents. Some of the charitable activities led by James include; Perot Museum of Natural Science, Dallas Zoo, George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute, Uplift Education, and Capital for Kids.


Rocketship Education Provides Low-Income Parents School Choice

Education is a cornerstone of success in America. A person without an education will usually make less income and work in low-skilled professions. The education process starts in elementary school. This is the place where people begin to build their educational foundation that will help them later in life.

Upper income parents or parents from middle-class communities typically have school choices and good schools to educate their children. However, low-income students tend to suffer more than any other economic group. These individuals are often forced to attend sub-par public schools that are below average.

Parents from poorer communities realize that their children need a good education. However, they feel trapped by having to send their children to bad schools just because they are in their district. Rocketship Education Public Schools were created to change this condition.

Rocketship Education Public Schools are charter schools that give parents choice.

They are public schools because they receive funding from the state and anyone can attend. They are charter schools because they are not subject to the regulations that are imposed on public schools within a community. Rocketship Education Public Schools are a part of a non-profit network.

This school network is headquartered in Redwood City, California. They have different locations strategically placed all over the country. Once parents learn about Rocketship Education they can petition or organize a campaign to bring them to their location. The schools are well received within low-income areas.

Keep in mind that any student from any economic background can attend Rocketship. While the schools are designed to serve low-income pupils, children from other backgrounds can also get an outstanding education from here as well. The institution provides children with STEM classes and a high level challenging curriculum that helps children to succeed all throughout their school career.

Rocketship not only provides students with high quality instruction, they also help their families in times of need. When a student’s family faces a disaster or some type of unfortunate event, Rocketship Education steps in to assist them. This assistance could come in the form of temporary housing or providing food when families need it the most. Rocketship Education Charter Schools wants students and their parents to live a productive and healthy life. Having this kind of stability helps their students to focus on their studies and to do well in school.

Mike Baur’s Success

Mike Baur is a famous, successful entrepreneur. He attained his business degrees from the University of Rochester and Bern University. He is the co-founder and managing partner of Swiss Start-up factory. He worked as a banker for 20 years, then quit for his entrepreneurial ambitions. In January 2016, Mike Baur became the deputy managing director of the CTI invest when it partnered with Swiss Start-up factory. During his banking career in the UBS, he advised some successful and affluent men and women on identifying profitable investment gaps. Despite his young age, he achieved an esoteric status that many in Swiss banking industry covet. His ambitious and hardworking character raised him up the ranks. His performance was so impressive that he caught the attention of the Clariden Leu CEO; who owns accomplished private banks. The CEO hired him as the Zurich, region manager. The CEO recruited former UBS workers to accumulate more investment for Clariden Leu.

Exit from Swiss Banking Industry

Mike Baur decided to quit his lucrative banking career to pursue his entrepreneurial vision. His other reason for leaving is due to what he refers to as “big cat syndrome.” It is the syndrome that he believes makes most managers and advisors in Swiss Banking Industry to have a misconception of being aware of, and have control over, everything happening around them. In reality, they are susceptible to every economic change. However, his exit led to his financial difficulties. The challenge did not stop him from going for his dream. He confesses to having adored working in the banking field.

Entrepreneurial establishment

After quitting UBS, he pursued his passion for entrepreneurship. Here, he encountered many technology-industry challenges. He still resiliently and relentlessly risked by establishing the Swiss Startup Factory. His conversancy in banking has helped him to manage this firm efficiently. The factory provides investors with strategies towards effective entrepreneurial decisions. It also mentors and couches aspiring entrepreneurs to start or expand their businesses.

Mike Baur’s determination and belief inspires many people across the globe. He discourages the overdependence of employees on their monthly pay cheques. He urges people to go for it and become their bosses. He inspires people to work hard. He tells them to believe in the power their visions. Such inspirations bring many people to the business arena.