Matthew Fleeger Is An Entrepreneur With A Gift For Creating Successful Companies

Matthew Fleeger is the chief executive officer and president of Gulf Coast Western. The company is in business to develop, explore, and own domestic gas and oil reserves. Most of these reserves are found in the gulf coast area in the U.S., and the company works hard to build long-term business relationships with its partners.

Gulf Coast Western was built in 1970 and has spread from Dallas, Texas to Mississippi, Colorado, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. It has been able to grow so big in Louisiana due to partnering up with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration. It has also been able to develop many different prospects through its mutual relationship with Orbit Energy Partners. Matthew Fleeger has also built a relationship with Warhorse Oil and Gas that will allow it to acquire more wells that are producing oil in the state of Louisiana.

Matthew Fleeger is known for his ability to create a business in any industry he chooses. As a strategic planner and team builder, no one compares. He is the founder of MedSolutions, Inc. and served as the company’s chief executive officer for over a decade. The company served the health care sector by disposing, transporting, and treating medical waste. It was eventually sold to Stericycle for a large profit, which gave Fleeger the revenue to pursue other interests.

Matthew Fleeger started his college studies at the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. He earned his degree in business administration while there and then put it good use by serving in leadership positions with different gas and oil companies. He also started a couple of very successful business enterprises in the tanning sector. The first of these is Mystic Tan, which is very successful in the spray-on tanning sector. He also created Palm Beach Tan, which has been able to earn millions of dollars in the indoor tanning industry.

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