Jason Hope Share The Secret To His Investment Success

Jason Hope, entrepreneur, philanthropist, futurist, and investor grew up an East Valley Arizona native. Hope was raised in Scotsdale, Ariz, and now lives in Tempe, Ariz. The investor graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in finance. Mr. Hope earned his MBA from ASU’s WP Carey School of Business. Once he received his MBA, Hope went into the mobile phone industry.

Jason Hope developed the JAWA mobile communications company. The entrepreneur believed technology and communications were the wave of the future. Hope didn’t always feel confident about his business ventures. He always believed fear can keep a person on his toes and make him work very hard for success. Hope tried to stay focused on the technology of the future and his desire to be a part of it.

Jason Hope is involved in philanthropy. The philanthropist is passionate about the SENS foundation. SENS is working on finding cures for diseases that break down the cells in the body, causing aging. Diseases including Alzheimer’s, lung, and heart disease wear down the body. SENS believes in curing diseases rather than medicating. The internet entrepreneur pledged $500,000 in 2010 to establish the SENS laboratory in Cambridge, England.

Jason Hope is the CEO of Jason Hope Tees. The tee shirts have original sayings that include got bacon and My Imaginary Friend Thinks You Have Serious Mental Problems. Jason Hope Tees can be found online. Hope expects to sell some of his tee shirts on Amazon.

Hope runs the Creative Acceleration Workshop with the help of two assistants. Participants learn IoT. People learning Internet of Things teaches people about internet startup companies. IoT is open to people with all kinds of interests and skill levels. Anyone with an interest in using a new technique to sell a product can be part of IoT. IoT participants share, co-create, present their solutions, and seek new solutions to existing problems. These participants brainstorm IoT ideas through storytelling, There’s a guide available to help people learn how to brainstorm and turn their ideas into reality. Through open dialogue, participants can learn from each other how improve their ideas.

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