Property Giants JHSF and Chairman José Auriemo Neto

The prime luxurious property organization in Brazil is without a doubt JHSF. JHSF came into existence in 1972, and it is renowned for its ability to distinguish the latest prospects in the markets within which it engages in Soon after the precedence of advanced property markets abroad, JHSF decided to shift its corporate efforts to regular returns. Recently, it has focused on the embedding of projects which have naturally incorporated the expansion and management of shopping centers, high-end hotels, and even an airport. The regular returns domain has improved in a substantial way its involvement in the establishment’s profits.

JHSF ensures sustainability during all the levels of its developments. A fine example is the immense ecological venture in Brazil demonstrating top Eco-friendly quality. JHSF is similarly participating in social responsibility schemes with the population neighboring its projects, on top of being part of many health care and learning schemes. JHSF has financed the construction of a children’s cancer health facility.

José Auriemo Neto went into his father’s chamber five years ago, who was at the time the chair of the JHSF, with a unique idea. He had spotted some land which, according to him, was brilliant for the building of a palatial structure. He persuaded his father to look around the space. His father understood his vision and bought into the idea. José later filled the role of chief executive at JHSF.

José Auriemo Neto previously worked as chief executive of JHSF, managing the company’s welfare in corporate structures, hotels and communal buildings. He also oversaw the organization’s widespread shopping and retail collection. He is responsible for closing private corporate arrangements with Jimmy Choo and Valentino among other luxury designers availing their products in Brazil.

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