Sam Jerujikar: MBA, Plastic Surgeon, Soldier, Spy

Doctor Sam Jerujikar practices medicine in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The plastic surgeon sees patients at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital and the Pine Creek Medical center in the area. Patients usually have positive experiences with him and U.S. News rated him 4 out 5 in three different categories. Before coming to Texas to practice medicine, he earned his doctorate in the state of Michigan. Today his clear explanations and broad smile ease patients before they go under the knife in his care.

Despite having a doctorate and having extensive training and experience in plastic surgery, Sam Jerujikar felt he needed even more education. Going after an unrelated master’s degree after spending so long pursuing a medical degree seems unusual, but Sam Jerujikar knew he needed additional training to grow his business. He decided to pursue an MBA while working in his practice.

Juggling his careeer and pursuing an additional master’s degree was difficult ,but the doctor knew the value of hard work from his earlier educational experiences. Instead of complaining about the additional work load, he simply hit the books and reduced the hours in his practice as necessary. The business knowledge he gained while doing this helped him manage his practice.

While having an MBA may not help him with his medical career, he hopes it will help him run his office. Gaining additional knowledge of management and proper managerial practices may make Sam Jerujikar a better boss as well. At least his employees think it has made him a better boss.

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