How Graeme Holm Propelled Infinity Group Australia to International Recognition

In 2013, Graeme Holm founded Infinity Group Australia together with his wife, Rebecca Walker. Through his leadership, the company is one of the most reputable companies in Australia, which specialize in debt reductions. In Australia, many people have benefited from the company’s effort to help them improve their finances by helping pay their debts before due time. This strategy made the company to achieve the Australian Financial Review’s recognition. Graeme Holm led the company in a respected manner thus making it appear in the list of 2018, of the most innovative companies. The company was listed 58th of the 100 companies in the seventh edition of the listing. The achievement is a positive move since the company is just five years old.


Accepting the honor, Graeme Holm saluted the panel of judges and Inventium for the job well done of recognizing and honoring the company. To appear in the list of 1000 companies in Australia and New Zealand is not an easy task. The company must pass the qualifications, which include explaining how the company addresses the clients’ problems, the quality of the solutions, and how unique is its styles of solving them. The company must also explain its importance in the current world. However, Graeme didn’t forget to acknowledge the employees because were it not for them, and the company wouldn’t be recognized. The company, whose headquarters are located in Belle Vista, New South Wales Sydney, is always committed to the customer experience.


Graeme Holm is an experienced entrepreneur with 17 years’ experience in finance. Holm has taken part in real estate, financial planning, and economics. After learning about how the Australians were frustrated by financial institutions, he founded Infinity Group Australia to help them fix the problem. He realized that many people were unable to clear their loans, which affected their lives. The company came up with a concept of training people on how to repay their finances and pay debts quickly. He adds that it took him time to study the situation and found out that people lacked support, guidance and advice and accessibility problems to the ongoing services. He also found that the banks do not give the clients ongoing assistance.


Graeme Holm connects his success with choosing the right people to work and share ideas. He adds that through encouraging people to share their thoughts and filling the suggestion box, the shared plans are significant to him. He adds that the strength in these ideas help him to come up with innovations. Additionally, the same ideas help him connect with other professionals in the industry. Holm is categorical that through connecting with others in the industry, he can put a plan into practice very quickly. One piece of advice that Holm states clearly towards success in business is to try to solve the hardest challenge in the morning. Holm adds that through doing this on a daily basis will make someone face the day with confidence and peace of mind. He also points out the need on remaining focused because one never knows how close he or she is to the ultimate success. Learn more:

Michel Terpins: Taking Brazil’s Rallies By Storm

Who says that you can’t have fun once you reach 40? Michel Terpins shows that it can be done. As someone who has successfully followed his passion for years on end, it’s no wonder that he is a recognized name in the world of rally driving in Brazil.



He has won many competitions, largely thanks to his undying determination to be the best. He has been a championship leader and although he has had his ups and downs, he still stays on top despite bumps in the road. In fact, he has many fans that show up to his competitions, no matter what and he has gained respect as one of the best in Brazil. For more details visit Ideamensch to know more.



He actively participates in rallies, with nine races at the Serteos Rally under his belt. Working with his brother on a Bull Sertoes Rally Team, the Terpins brothers do all they can to participate in the sport that they love. These guys have been seen in the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship and Serteos Rally, which are two of the best opportunities for any rally driver in Brazil.



Rodrigo Terpins started off racing motorcycles, but then decided to take after his older brother. He has since been seen piloting cars like the T-Rex. It is a pretty incredible car that has been designed to be ecologically friendly. It’s modern design and unique carbon free seals make it stand out as not only a dependable car, but one that is good for the planet, as well.



One may wonder where Michel’s passion for the sport came into play. If you take a look at his family, you will understand why he continues to be a leader in his sport. His father is known for having been one of the best basketball players in town, while his older brother Rodrigo also shares a passion for rally driving as he does. It’s hard to ignore determination and grit in sports when your whole family shares in it.


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Guilherme Paulus: The Brilliant Mastermind Behind Latin America’s Tour Operator

Guilherme Paulus, born in Sao Paulo, is the co-founder of the biggest tour operator in Latin America, CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. He ranked 1268 in Forbes in 2013 and he is worth $1.1 billion. He co-founded the company when he was just 24.

Who is this man who has built such a tremendous company?

Early life and career

When he was young, Paulus was employed as an intern at IBM, after graduating with a degree in business administration in college. He quickly became highly appreciated in the international business world, so starting a tourism company came in very easily to him. He understood the logic of foreign contacts, travel and he also loved the idea of working on something that would simply offer people a good time! He is very well known for his drive and ambition and he is willing to go the extra mile for something he believes in.

Paulus’ mark on CVC

The annual revenues of CVC amount to $ 5.2 billion nowadays for CVC and it is acknowledged within the company that this is largely due to Paulus’ contribution. The company is opening new stores every year; it currently has almost 100 stores in malls all over Brazil and it’s starting to expand to even less populated areas.

Highlight on social accountability

Guilherme Paulus firmly believes in social accountability of his company and leaving his mark on the world in the right way. The key social aim of the company right now is to provide more and more opportunities for disadvantaged young people seeking to make a career in tourism. The company also donates funds to medical care, schools and units of psychological care.

International acclaim and contacts

CVC partners with countries from all over the world and Guilherme Paulus has received awards and recognition from several governments across the globe like Entrepreneur the Year. In 2015, French government officials recognized him as a remarkable tourism developer in France. His success is largely due to the fact that he does not have a narrow minded vision of tourism: his company offers contemporary packages and to makes sure that people enjoy authentic experience while traveling.

Booming Reviews from NewsWatch TV!

NewsWatch TV was created in March 1990 and is known for its broadcasting in Public services, Satellite Media Tour (SMT), Video News Releases (VNR’s) and Non-profit Campaigns. It has also contributed airings to ION television and AMC as well. NewsWatch TV is known for it’s outstanding broadcast performances. It has helped excel several businesses; by meeting their marketing goals. It has been an uprising to many businesses public relations and has won many award winning performances.

NewsWatch TV has just helped the business Avanca launch their Crowdfunding Campaign. The following campaign is allowing funding for the project, ” Ockel Sirius B pockt pc.” It is a promotion for cable-less headphones, which allows clients to listen to their favorite music without the obnoxious wires hanging down. Avancas initial goal was to raise $10,000 in 30 days. The campaign was being held by one of Avancas finest, Nathalie Van Wijkvliet. She is the Marketing Director for the company and had nothing but great things to say about NewsWatch TV. She stated, “We [worked with] NewsWatch and it was one of the main reasons why the crowdfunding project was successful. Its great working with NewsWatch, we love it…We highly recommend working with the NewsWatch team.”

The plan was for NewsWatch to give Avanca a one minute commercial segment to promote the product. This would allow the product to main stream through not only NewsWatch TV channel itself, but also through the online channels that were affiliated with NewsWatch. It was more then a success, the campaign ended up raising $456,551! It exceeded raising over 2.5% within those 30 days. So not only did NewsWatch TV deliver the goal, but it went above and beyond the expectation. It gave Avanca the exposure to be seen on over 200 US markets and it reached over 96 million houses in the United States.

This is only one of the few testimonies that NewsWatch TV has received from its clients. It is also known for winning the gold and platinum Marcom Award for 2017. It continues to be an award winning broadcasting network. This was not the first and it most certainly won’t be the last.

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