Boraie Development Aspires To Boost Atlantic City!

Boraie Development, a luxury real estate construction company will rejuvenate Atlantic City with their new 250 apartment tower next summer. The developer is in the initial stages of building the major $81 million project that will be known as The Beach at South Inlet. This complex expects to comprise of housing for approximately 50,000 residents as well as multiple promising retail structures such as future Bass Pro Shops, a college campus, and AtlantiCare, to name a few. The astute builder brilliantly opted the remote Atlantic City area of Pauline’s Prairie for future enhancement and diversification. Boraie Development LLC was established by Sam Boraie, an Egyptian immigrant, who also serves as the Chair in Genomic Science Established at Rutgers Cancer Institute. The visionary established his roots in New Brunswick some 40 years ago in pursuit of a chemistry Ph.D. degree. Mr. Boraie took a career detour with an emphasis on real estate ventures-the first being a successful high-end apartment skyrise at One Spring Street in downtown New Brunswick which mirrors statuesque New York architecture. From here, Boraie Development has aimed their creative efforts towards untapped stretches of land and has repurposed them into prime investment properties. For more details visit Bloomberg.


This is also true for New Jersey’s Atlantic City. The much anticipated lavish project will revitalize the once austere coastline. Atlantic City currently lacks venues that appeal to the non-gambling sector. Furthermore, it needs increased high-grade multifamily communities. Boraie Development strives to meet these important essentials with The Beach at South Inlet. The complex will feature deluxe accommodations like a modern gymnasium, an impressive pool, and a social reception area for their tenants. Its elegance will draw a wide range of economically secure residents and shoppers who relish in and enjoy new luxury experiences. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.


Their proposal of retail stores will be aligned to complement the already existing businesses in that area. The developer aspires to create a cohesive commerce environment opposed to one of retail competition. Boraie Development LLC is confident and optimistic about its upcoming multi-million dollar project-they feel this will inject a boost in Atlantic City’s culture and economy.



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