Omar Boraie Develops a Strategy

America has always been known as the place you wanted to go if you wanted to achieve riches. While it is certainly true that this amazing country still provides the best opportunity to grow rich, you may want to think again as many in the middle and lower class are apt to turn on you when you become successful. This is because many people in the top 1% have reputations as backstabbers and oppressors. This is true for many of them but not for Omar Boraie.

Omar Boraie has been called by many people as the father of New Brunswick. This is because he has dedicated his enormous wealth as well as his time to helping New Brunswick become an economic center in the state of New Jersey.

Omar Boraie educated New Brunswick on his four-step plan that would make their city great again. He spoke to them about the first part of his plan which was to make families more connected as a community. He explained in the second part of his plan he wanted to stabilize a volatile job market. He told them the third of his plan was to create a dream team who would work together and align their visions so that they would work in harmony to help New Brunswick grow. He explained to them the last part of his plan was to bring back the middle-class professionals to the area. Check out for more.

Omar Boraie thought the best way to build community through families was to work through the churches. He offered to give them funds if they would, in turn, create events that were attractive for families and built relationships.

Omar Boraie also thought that the best way to secure the job market was to get Johnson and Johnson to stay in the local area.

When Omar Boraie built the dream team, he included people such as the President of Rutgers University, himself, the Mayor, several state Senators, and members of the City Council.

Omar Boraie worked tirelessly to bring back the middle class. He did that by making New Brunswick competitive in the area real estate. The competitiveness came in two forms. The first form was lower prices of surrounding cities. The second form was a higher-quality facility for a lower middle-class price. This brought in many young families and professionals who are just looking to start their practices. This created a circular effect everywhere. You can visit his website to see more.


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