John Holt Talks About Reinventing Community Banking with Texas Bankers Association

In November 2016, the Texas Bankers Association held its 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference in New Orleans, LA. The event took place from November 6th through 8th at the Ritz-Carlson Hotel. John Holt, president and CEO of NexBank Capital, Inc. took part in a discussion panel on Monday the 7th. The title of the early morning roundtable talk was “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation”.

The annual event brings bank leaders, consultants, and advisors together to share information on opportunities, challenges, and strategies that help the whole banking community. At the most recent gathering, discussions included regulatory and economic developments, a showcase of innovative services and products, and trending growth strategies that are starting to show results.

NexBank Capital, Inc. provides commercial, mortgage, and institutional banking services to large investors. NexBank offers real estate and corporate lending, warehouse lines and jumbo solutions. The institutional branch offers services to public fund administrators, customized deposit services, and corporate financing. Corporations, financial institutions, and real estate investors are some of NexBank’s regular clientele. In March 2017, the company realized $5.3 billion USD in assets.

As President and CEO, John Holt oversees all financial and operational outcomes. Since taking control in 2011, Mr. Holt has directed the company to see stronger growth and expanded influence in the mortgage, commercial, and institutional banking spheres.

Unique Characteristics of Rocketship Education’s Network of Chartered Schools

Parental Participation

Rocketship schools are one of the few schools where the parent participates in the hiring of teachers. In the schools, selected parents participate in the actual interview of candidates. In some cases, the candidates attend community meetings where they interact with the parents. They share their goals and get an understanding of the parents’ expectations. Such high level of parental participation is only one unique aspect of Rocketship Education’s network of schools.

Financial Model

Rocketship Education Foundation’s primary objective is to offer affordable education services to high poverty communities. The founders of the organization, John Danner, and Preston Smith desired to improve the academic performance of students from less privileged families through cheap schools. Consequently, they designed the financial model of the schools to ensure they can run smoothly on government support only. Unlike other chartered schools, Rocketship schools do not require private funding besides the initial start-up cost.

Personalized Curriculum

The curriculum of the schools is also different from other public schools. On top of the traditional curriculum, Rocketship schools have Kimochis curriculum and a social-emotional curriculum. The Kimochis curriculum is used to teach personality traits and temperaments to students in early grades. As they join upper classes, are taught socio-emotional skills. Rocketship Education embraced these curricula because it understood that many students from poor backgrounds find it difficult to develop appropriate social skills for success in life.

Values and Creed

Every school has a motto or creed. Rocketship schools have four shared values. Each school has an additional value that depicts its unique characteristics, vision and or mission. All the students are required to bring these values into practice in their school lives as well as in the society. The four shared values are Persistence, Empathy, Responsibility, and respect. The fifth values chosen by some of the schools include Bravery, Service, Curiosity, and Gratitude.

Parental Support

The main supporters of Rocketship programs are parents. These key stakeholders feel like part of the actual operations of the schools and are therefore obliged to defend them. In May 2017, for example, parents of Rocketship schools joined 374 other parents to sign an open letter to Metro Nashville Public Schools board asking them to stop maligning the institutions.


Mike Baur is a Self-made Entrepreneur

Mike Baur is a renowned Swiss entrepreneur and businessman. As a creating father of the Swiss Startup Factory, he is one of the active and managing partners. Baur has been working with banks and their business over a period of more than 20 years. Baur worked at Clariden Leu and UBS. Subsequently, to working at UBS and Clariden Leu, Baur began investing in startup companies. Afterward, he became one of the founders of Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. Mike Bauer performed as a jury member at a startup pitching contest hosted by the University of Saint Gallen, which was called START Summiteer. In January of 2016, Baur took on the position of deputy managing director of CTI. At that point in time, Swiss Startup Factory maintained a partnership program alongside CTI. This was when Swiss Startup Factory went through the accelerator program. Baur took care of Swiss Startup Factory in the partnership it had with Fintech Fusion in the first quarter of 2016. During the last quarter of 2016, the Wall Street Journal wrote about Mike Baur and career at Swiss banks leading up to the point when he became an entrepreneur and became involved in start-up investments.


At present, Mike Baur commands the Swiss Startup Factory and takes care of financing rounds and raising funds. Mike Baur holds the position of Executive Chairman and is an active Co-Founder at the Swiss Startup Factory. Max Meister is a CEO as well as a Co-Founder. Oliver Walzer holds the position of CIO and is a Co-Founder and has leadership responsibilities as well. Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier supports the leadership team as the Head of Training and Head of Pitch Training and leads 100% of coaching and training sessions. Chris Bargholz is a Business Analyst. Certainly is Mexx is their most unique team member, a dog that is the Head of Security and is also the Chief of Food and Good Feeling responsibilities. Mexx is on sabbatical at the moment. This team is a complete business team and proudly supports their open-minded concepts.


Swiss Startup Factory offers companies that are starting up excellent access to facilities such as a fitness center and a changing room, coworking desks, meeting rooms, a kitchen with a lunch space, the welcome area, free Wi-Fi, a video studio, and even a Nespresso bar. All these facilities imperative to offering a complete service platform companies that are starting up.


Swiss Startup Factory proudly provides individual services in helping startup companies with 1-on-1 mentoring sessions, ideas, input sessions, the accelerator program and even a custom service package.


Lori Senecal’s Expertise in Digital Marketing

Lori Senecal is the current chief executive officer of CP&B Global. Founded in 1988 by Sam Crispin, Crispin Porter + Bogusky are an advertising agency with its headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. As Facebook continues to grow more firms are utilising the opportunities provided by the social media platform to gain access to a larger and diverse market. Many companies are putting in place strategies so enable them optimize sites for mobile use. This mainly attributed to the fact that many Facebook users access their accounts via their phones Any business can advertise using the platform but what is more important is how to use the platform’s advertising features to one’s full advantage. Advertisers should first determine what they want from their key performance indicators. Recently after the addition of Facebook ads which appear directly in the news feed, many companies have opted for this method. For the advertisement to be effect the firm must put in places strategy that incorporates post-sale customer care. Furthermore to achieve success, advertisers should find the right balance between gauging success on numbers and on the reaction of followers.

The key aspect to advertising is to create content that is appealing to the eye. Advertisers should put content that has striking colors that can easily stop a fast -scrolling thumb. Advertisers should create content that the viewers can directly relate to. In addition to that, the advertisers should incorporate human beings in the advertisements. This helps the viewers to quickly relate to the content since the brand values are matched with real people. In addition to advertising on Facebook, advertisers should also yearn to work with experts who understand the industry properly. Lori Senecal is one of the advertising experts, as she can predict market trends accurately. This ensures that the companies she and other experts work with stay ahead of the industry trends. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

Lori Senecal is simply a high powered business leader. She excels and does extremely well in her creative and digital marketing role. At CP & B, she is responsible for overseeing the expansion of the firm across the globe. She is also responsible for co-ordination and management of CP& B head office and the other 9 international ones. Lori has worked with several companies through her career for example the McCann World group. For more info, visit

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The U.S. Money Reserve’s New eBook Helps Prepare for Trade Wars

There are many problems in the global economy right now. These problems come from the fact that there are trade wars that are going to come up in the future and the fact that things are changing in some of the major countries around the world make things even worse.

While The U.S. Money Reserve can’t necessarily do anything to prevent the trade wars from happening and a global collapse from taking place, they can do what they can to help people when it does happen.

Because of the way that the company has set up their business and because of the way that they are able to help people, they know that they will be able to offer this advice during times when there are problems.

The best advice that The U.S. Money Reserve has for people who have wealth and want to protect it in the event of a trade war is to purchase gold. By buying gold, people will be able to protect themselves. It is one of the things that they can spend their money on that they won’t have to worry about if things go wrong.

When the economy gets bad, prices of gold go up and that is helpful for people who want to be able to get more out of the money that they have to spend.

Since The U.S. Money Reserve first started, they have been working to help people. Not only are they able to offer solutions to the problems that people have with their money but they are also able to give them the chance that they need to experience different things through the money that they have.

The U.S. Money Reserve is a premier company that has come a long way in the time that they have been in business.

Before The U.S. Money Reserve began to offer advice, they were one of the biggest sellers of gold in the United States. They are run similar to many other investment companies and that is something that has given them the chance to experience more with the options that they have.

It is also something that has changed the course of the experiences that people have and has given them the opportunities that they need to have a better chance with the gold that they are going to buy during the different times that they are offering things to their customers.

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Traveling Vineyard Is Perfect For Business

The Traveling Vineyard is a company that opens the door for anybody to join and sell. The truth is that their wine is among one of the best in the business. You can easily make a killing selling their wine because of their immensely great taste and respectable quality.

Being a wine guide for them means that you are selling only the best that you can find, and the best part is that you can work with their incredible team to get the most out of the experience. Learn from the best and gain insight on everything possible because there re incredible wine guides who are ready to help you out.

Why Is Being A Wine Guide So Great?

– You have the opportunity to earn 35 percent from every single bottle you sell. This eventually adds up when you have countless adults buying more than one bottle from you.

– Money can be as easy as talking to somebody at the mall or grocery store and exchanging contact information and have them buy a bottle. You can sell whenever, wherever.

– The flexibility in this business is always so rewarding. Even with a fast paced 9-5 job that most adults have, you can be making money on the side.

– You have an incredible training room called The Tasting Room online. This online resource is going to open the door for more money and more opportunities. Your training is always top notch and only the best that you can ask for.

– There are special events held throughout the year that can be very rewarding. The Harvest Conference is one big one that can give you the chance to watch and listen to respectable wine guides who will speak words of wisdom and encouragement for everybody trying to learn and get started in this business.

The Traveling Vineyard is here to guide you so you can make a career or at least a good side income doing this. You don’t need to make this a full time position in order to see money coming in. Just consistency every week is all you need.

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Jose AuriemoNeto is a Leading Billionaire Real Estate Mogul who is Transforming Brazil

Jose AuriemoNeto is a billionaire real estate mogul who can be compared to Hong Kong’s Lee ShauKee, Donal Bren from the U.S. and Stephen Ross. Even Donald Trump could be included on this list if he wasn’t the president of the United States. As a matter of fact, Jose AuriemoNeto could be considered the Donald Trump (without the personality) of Brazil.

AuriemoNeto’s net worth is in the billions. More importantly his company JHSF is one of Brazil’s premiere realty organizations. This corporation generates billions in property development and is a leading developer within the nation.

JHSF is the premiere organization that provides millions of dollars in property development in and out of Brazil. They create high-end properties within various cities around Brazil. Rio de Janeiro, San Paulo and Salvador are three leading cities within Brazil where JHSF does its work. AuriemoNeto is the CEO of JHSF. His work is very important to the real estate market inside of Brazil and to the development of the country.

AuriemoNeto uses the JHSF to lead his country into the future. He knows that property development plays a key role in the economic success of a nation. Truth be told, a nation’s economic success is what gives it leverage in the world. So, it is important for a country to have a solid economic foundation if it wants to be competitive economic force. Learn more about him.

Brazil has the world’s 9th largest economy. If this country wants to move up in terms of economic superiority they will definitely have to increase their overall economic value. Land development plays a critical role in this process.

JHFS is on the rise and AuriemoNeto is leading his company into the future of Brazil. He is ensuring that this organization is developing high-end properties that will help to stabilize and transform Brazils society for the better. To know more about him click here.

Beneful wet food and dry food purchasing options at Walmart

When browsing the pet food aisles at Walmart a customer will immediately notice how many purchase options are available. Walmart offers quite a selection of dry and wet Beneful brand dog food. The wet food is available in smaller 3oz containers as well as 10oz sized tubs. The 10oz sized tubs are available in a large selection of flavor varieties for $1.77 each. Beneful has container tub boxes that provide six tubs per box for $10.58. The 3oz containers also come packaged in boxes that contain 27 containers for $14.94 or 12 for $6.97.

In addition to the many purchasing options of wet dog food, Beneful features many dry food selection in various sized bags. Small 3.5lb bags retail for $5.48. A 12.5lb bag of grain free dry beneful retails for $17.98. The 15.5lb bag retails for $13.98. A 31.1lb bag of healthy weight dry dog food retails for $26.98. A 40lb bag of healthy weight or originals retails for $33.98.Walmart offers routine sales that are referred to as “roll backs”. Beneful customers will routinely find their pets favorite brand of dog food on sale at Walmart. Walmart’s website also will feature manufacturer coupons from time to time for Beneful.

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How Does Cotemar Mexico Manage Their Oil Rights?

Cotemar Mexico is one of the largest oil exploration companies in the Western Hemisphere, and it has been a place where many different oil discoveries were made.

This article explains how the company has improved the oil rights management of its home nation, and there are many people who find good jobs with this firm. Someone who is interested in managing a business in Mexico must contact Cotemar for help, and they will find that they may receive a number of oil-based services.

#1: How Does The Company Work?

This firm will pump and refine quite a lot of oil, and someone who wishes to use oil and gas for production must ensure that they have placed their orders with this company.

This company has group of workers that will help ship the oil to any part of the country that is needed.

#2: What Does Oil Do?

One barrel of oil is capable of doing quite a lot, and Cotemar ensures that it offers enough oil for all the needs of every business in the country. They have met with many companies over the years, and they have a long history of serving businesses in Mexico. The Mexican economy relies on this company, and they have rung the nation with many exploration towers.

#3: Offshore Oil Exploration

The offshore exploration of this company is quite important because it works in both the Atlantic and the Pacific as it searches for oil. The company knows that it is capable of a number of new discoveries that may be rolled out for the oil industry. They will increase their production when needed, and they are consistently searching for a number of places to raise new oil rigs. Learn more about Cotemar: and

#4: Why Work With Cotemar?

Coleman offers better prices to the public, and they have proven that they have a way of serving companies who wish to trim their budgets. They have an efficient operation that serves all of Mexico, and they are searching for a number of things that will help them serve their clients in a more excellent way.

Cotemar Mexico is a strong player in the oil industry, and they have shown over decades that they have an amazing operation. This company offers billions of gallons of oil every year to Mexican business.