Is The Power of Wen Real?

Originally reported on, beauty blogger Emily McClure documented a 7 day experiment to test out the QVC advertised and highly acclaimed Cleansing Conditioner by WEN to see if it would make a difference on her fine, thin hair. Emily shares how her hair transformed over the course of the week and whom she recommends on the product. Her results are rather inspiring.

She decides to try the Fig version. On day 1 of her experiment, Emily notes that she is confused as to how much product WEN Hair advises her to use. Regardless, she pumps the product into her hand a few dozen times, as per the instructions, and lathers it through her hair. She is pleased to immediately notice less hair fall out, She then rinsed the product out, blow dryed her her and styled it as usual. The end result was that her hair was more bouncy and shiny.

Emily continues the same routine over the course of the next 6 days to finish out the experiment. Highlights of her journey included:

  • Her hair not being able to hold a curl because it became too soft and manageable due to the product
  • Her hair becoming too weighed down due to using other styling products in addition to the Cleansing Conditioner, which WEN discourages
  • Her friends mentioning how shiny her hair looked one night out for drinks

Emily concludes her experiment by stating that she will use the product anytime her hair needs extra shine. Overall, her experience was positive.

The WEN Cleansing Conditioner is a 5-in-1 product that replaces many other hair care items, such as shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner. WEN uses a base of all natural plant oils, such as shea butter and sweet almond oil to nourish and restore the hair. WEN has quickly become one of the best-selling Guthy-Renker hair care products in the nation. The WEN line contains about 5 staple products, such as a mask, mousse and other styling products.

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