United PAC in a bid to have their name made a reality

There is a new political action committee that wants to champion for reforms in the campaign financing processes on endcitizensunited.org. This outfit has been looking for ways to make it possible to tunnel big sums of money, in the tens of millions of dollars to all the Democratic Party candidates that are running for an elective post in the 2016 elections. End Citizens United has managed to raise $2million from small scale donors from across the country and is hoping that they will manage to raise this amount to the tune of $30 million dollars by the time the campaigns end. This information was disclosed by the communications director of the group, Richard Carbo.

End Citizens United has a goal of reversing a law that was amended in 2010. The law they are fighting against was the Citizen’s united ruling by the Supreme Court, which made it possible for super PAC to enter the political arena. As a result, a lot of black money has gained access to the American political scene. The petition on Facebook that they created has been signed by more than 325000 Americans and they are hoping that the partnership that they have created with the Ready for Hillary movement will boost the petitions to reach 4 million of their liberal supporters.

The month that has ended saw the group endorsing an additional 11 democratic candidates on msnbc.com. There have been many other groups that have been focusing on campaign related financial reforms, the different thing about this group is the fact that they are actually addressing the political side of the entire issue and that they want to get people elected. This means that they will be backing candidates and offering them some form of protection against the Koch brothers and other such groups that use dark money in their campaigns.

This year, End Citizens United has decided to start an expenditure arm that will be autonomous and will financially back the financial initiatives of the candidates that they will have endorsed. When speaking about the initiative that is being taken by the group, Sunlight Foundation’s Policy Director, John Wolderich stated that trying to push for reforms in the constitution was a very bold and ambitious move by the group. He reiterated the fact that he wished the group complete success in their initiative on opensecrets.org.

He stated that since 1992, the American constitution had not been amended. He noted that the end result of this complacency has been a society that becoming more and more partisan. The group was praised because of the role they have been playing in informing the citizens about the decisions that are being made by the Supreme Court and how the decisions affect their day to day lives. The movement hopes that their hard work will ultimately lead to success in the amendment push.

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