Kim Dao’s First Day in Japan: Shopping & Playing Arcade Games

The video opens with Kim Dao at Narita airport awaiting an adventurous day in Japan. Kim Dao is standing in line waiting for her best friend Sunny, and when she finally arrives she and Kim Dao pose together since they are in matching outfits. They then hop on the public transit together as they head off to Ikebukuro. Kim Dao and Sunny visit a shop as soon as they get there. Pokémon sweaters and other neat merchandise surrounds them as they make their way through the area. Kim Dao then says she wants to show Sunny around Sunshine City since it’s one of her favorite places to visit in Japan. As Kim Dao and Sunny head down the escalator, Kim begins sharing what’s in store at Sunshine City. They visit a Disney store and find several adorable items all over the place. There are so many different places to shop, eat, and enjoy in Sunshine City. It’s clear to see why this is one of Kim Dao’s favorite places to visit while in Japan. Kim Dao even jokes around with a ring and asks if her cameraman would propose to someone with it since it’s only 3,000 yen ($30). It is truly a fun and exciting place to visit.



Mike Baur Proceeds To Show Support To Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Many young entrepreneurs suffer a similar problem, which is lack of mentorship and the funding needed to steer their ideas forward. This issue has been around for many years and despite there being venture capitals, most of them don’t offer the solutions that are tailored to helping the young entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. This is the reason individuals like Mike Baur came up with a facility that is offering young entrepreneurs the best environment to implement their ideas and emerge leaders in their industry.


Through the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur is working to see that young entrepreneurs receive professional mentorship and financial support to push their ideas forward. Founded in 2014, the Swiss Startup Factory is an incubation facility that allows Swiss entrepreneurs to go through a three months incubation program, which equips them to face the market and to run their ideas to fruition. It has partnered with several universities across the country to offer better services and to allow entrepreneurs to enjoy better support while running their businesses.


Staffing and goal definition

Staffing is a vital part of running a business that should never be overlooked. Every entrepreneur should make sure they have the right staffing mechanisms to help the business to run seamlessly. This is one of the things the Swiss Startup Factory offers to allow entrepreneurs to manage their ideas better. They take the entrepreneurs through learning sessions that enable them to get the needed skills to manage staffing needs and to lead the business to attaining profitability. Additionally, the company also allows the entrepreneurs to define their goals and plans for the business, which makes it easy to transition into the future.


Analyzing customer needs

The customer is an important part of the business that cannot be assumed. While many entrepreneurs have good ideas, understanding how to present them before customers has always been a challenge among few individuals. The Swiss Startup Factory allows young entrepreneurs to understand the basics of presenting their ideas before the market and offering customers what they need.


Mike Baur

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and the individual behind the establishment of the Swiss Startup Factory, which is supporting IT startups across Switzerland. He joined the industry in 2014 after resigning from banking, where he had worked for nearly 20 years. Mike Baur is an MBA graduate of the Rochester University. He also pursued an Executive MBA at the University of Bern.

Precious Metals are Profitable with U.S. Money Reserve

Founded in 2001, The U.S. Money Reserve is the world’s largest distributor of gold, silver, and platinum products from the U.S. and foreign governments. Now, with the new e-commerce website, the company is committed to providing excellent customer service in the precious metals industry. The new website,, aims to offer consumers education on government-issued bullion. Along with information on the precious metals are new portraits of new coins, precious metals, and gold coins. Over a hundred thousand clients have taken part in the benefits of owning precious metals and the U.S. Money Reserve is providing industry gold, silver, and platinum coins that are on the market issued by the U.S. Government.


With periods of recessions and downfalls in global economy, the ownership of precious metals is an asset to protect financial wealth. The value of precious metals has maintained an economic value for thousand of years. Paper form of money can have alternative financial portfolios over time, with gold; you will attain a form of preservation in wealth. In previous stock market scenarios, when the market goes down, the price of gold, silver, and platinum trend up. The list for investing in precious metals can be marked down from scenarios of political constriction, economic downfall, and even terrorist onslaught.


Currently, the majority of currency is digital and the privacy of your finance can be attained through a variety of sources. With an individual form of currency, such as gold, silver, and platinum, your private wealth can be stockpiled and traded worldwide. With the physicality of these precious metals through the U.S. Money Reserve, your wealth can be untraced and protected without the knowledge of the typical banking system. With the acquisition of precious metals, your family’s future is secure due to the ability to pass down the wealth from generation to generation.


In the year 2000, gold was priced at $279 an ounce. 11 years later, it was profited at $1,923 an ounce. The gain of buying gold is powerfully preserved over time. With paper, no matter what the real value is, it can be printed even when there is no real value. But with precious metals, there is no printing press capable of creating copies. The potential of blooming profit of precious metals is constantly growing. In just 11 years the price for gold grew 60%, imagine how much it will be worth in the future.

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United PAC in a bid to have their name made a reality

There is a new political action committee that wants to champion for reforms in the campaign financing processes on This outfit has been looking for ways to make it possible to tunnel big sums of money, in the tens of millions of dollars to all the Democratic Party candidates that are running for an elective post in the 2016 elections. End Citizens United has managed to raise $2million from small scale donors from across the country and is hoping that they will manage to raise this amount to the tune of $30 million dollars by the time the campaigns end. This information was disclosed by the communications director of the group, Richard Carbo.

End Citizens United has a goal of reversing a law that was amended in 2010. The law they are fighting against was the Citizen’s united ruling by the Supreme Court, which made it possible for super PAC to enter the political arena. As a result, a lot of black money has gained access to the American political scene. The petition on Facebook that they created has been signed by more than 325000 Americans and they are hoping that the partnership that they have created with the Ready for Hillary movement will boost the petitions to reach 4 million of their liberal supporters.

The month that has ended saw the group endorsing an additional 11 democratic candidates on There have been many other groups that have been focusing on campaign related financial reforms, the different thing about this group is the fact that they are actually addressing the political side of the entire issue and that they want to get people elected. This means that they will be backing candidates and offering them some form of protection against the Koch brothers and other such groups that use dark money in their campaigns.

This year, End Citizens United has decided to start an expenditure arm that will be autonomous and will financially back the financial initiatives of the candidates that they will have endorsed. When speaking about the initiative that is being taken by the group, Sunlight Foundation’s Policy Director, John Wolderich stated that trying to push for reforms in the constitution was a very bold and ambitious move by the group. He reiterated the fact that he wished the group complete success in their initiative on

He stated that since 1992, the American constitution had not been amended. He noted that the end result of this complacency has been a society that becoming more and more partisan. The group was praised because of the role they have been playing in informing the citizens about the decisions that are being made by the Supreme Court and how the decisions affect their day to day lives. The movement hopes that their hard work will ultimately lead to success in the amendment push.

Highland Capital Supports Clientele and Their Community

Highland Capital Management is an investment adviser, registered with the SEC, with nearly $15.4 billion of assets under management. The company was started in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada. The company specializes in global alternative credit. They are one of the largest firms involved with this sector of the financial markets. They specialize in credit hedge funds, long-only funds, distressed private equity and collateralized loan obligations. The offer investments in emerging markets, long/short equity positions, and natural resource investments.

Highland Capital Management has a diversified clientele including, pension plans, foundations, governments, corporations and high network investors. The company maintains its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. They also have offices in New York, Seoul, Singapore and Sao Paolo.


Highland believes in giving back to the community and has recently, partnered with the Dallas Foundation. It is an organization that specializes in helping companies direct their charitable giving programs to areas that will do the most good. Linda Owen is working with Highland to help with philanthropic activities at the company. She will serve as the company’s charitable giving manager. She has years of experience with giving and managing charitable programs. Since 2005, the firm and its partners have donated more than $10 million to organizations around the world.


Currently, Highland donates over $3 million per year to charities through the foundation. Areas that benefit include veterans causes, education and health care for local residents. They support the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, George W. Bush Presidential Library, the Dallas Zoo, Uplift Education, the American Heart Association and more. Highland is dedicated to providing high quality advise and products for its investors as well as supporting the local community.


Madison Street Capital Builds Strong Relationships

Madison Street Capital arranged a minority equity and debt investment for their client ARES Security Corporation. Corbel Structured Equity Partners engaged the minority recapitalization. A lot of earnest work was put in by Madison Street Capital to find a logical partner for the new structure that ARES Security Corp. will be involved in. Both Madison Street Capital and ARES have superior teams that will make for an exciting and successful future.


Working with Corbel to create significant investment equity was ideal due to their flexible partnerships opportunities and their wide reach of contacts. Madison Street Capital reputation is well known throughout the sector. They are involved in international investment banking and have a reputation for their experience and professionalism while dealing with corporate services, mergers, and acquisitions. ARES leads the field in security enterprise and protects government, nuclear, and energy systems throughout the nation. “It was truly an honor to work directly with ARES Security President and Shareholder Ben Eazzetta in providing this investment,” says Director of Madison Street Capital Reginald McGaugh. (SAT Press Release, Accessed 7 Feb. 2017.


Karl D’Cunha is the Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital. He says that they are seeing a great eclectic structure from purchasers and clients alike. D’Cunha states that, “The highly fragmented hedge fund industry will continue to see consolidation, especially opportunistic partnerships that bridge distribution to product offering.” (Hedgeweek, 2 Sep. 2016, Accessed 7 Feb. 2017


Madison Street Capital will continue to build working relationship with areas throughout the nation. They are passionate to solve the request of their clients and work diligently to make a positive impact in those communities that they serve. The team of experts that work for Madison Street Capital have knowledge and well built business relationships that make them a premiere investment-banking firm.

Sam Boraie And His Father Run A Real Estate Empire

Sam Boraie and his father Omar have been running Boraie Development for some time, and Sam is the son who will soon take over for the father. This article explains how Sam helps manage large real estate properties that were created by his family firm. He has taken to ensuring every property is managed in the most-appropriate manner, and he is collecting rent on each new property to ensure the buildings function well.

#1: How Long Has The Company Been At Work?

According to NJ Biz, Boraie Development has been working in New Jersey for decades, and the company has built multi-use complexes that include residential, commercial and industrial units that all sit together. The units were built to ensure the communities would grow quickly, and people move in without any trouble. The communities that are created all live together in harmony, and someone who wishes to love into each location will have a job waiting for them.

#2: Sam’s Management Increases Profits

The profits in each community come from rent payments, and the cities that offer property to Boraie Development for their construction projects. Construction that is done by the company results in a place where someone may move in, have a comfortable job and enjoy the community that sits around them. See,

#3: What Does Sam Plan To Do In The Future?

Sam wishes to help his family build up more parts of New Jersey that are in need of something fresh. The company is looking over large plots of land that are disused or simply burnt out. Each part of the state that Sam touches becomes much stronger as a result, and these areas are stronger than they were in the past. It is quite important to see people moving into each section of the state, and Sam’s commitment to development changes the way New Jersey serves its people.

The career of Sam Boraie is leading his family in the right direction as they attempt to create more structures for the state. The state has been growing for centuries, and it must become a new version of itself with help from Sam Boraie. For more news on Boraie Development, visit


Easy Hacks to Help Control Eating With Wengie


Losing weight is something that many of us struggle with. This is usually due to overeating. It’s hard to decide what’s the right portion size. It’s even harder to try and adhere to eating certain serving sizes of foods. Luckily YouTube sensation Wengie has come up with some clever hacks in order to help you lose weight!


In her diet tips video, Wengie discusses five hacks that help a person lose weight and maintain weight by controlling what they eat. The first is buying the right size bowls and plates. These help to control portion size. If a person is trying to cut down on what they are eating, they should use a smaller plate or bowl. These trick your mind into eating less because it looks like you’re eating more. You can easily finish food in a small plate and it will make you feel full because you will eat everything on the plate.


A second hack is by making sure you don’t cook too much when preparing dinner. Sometimes, a person who cooks too much feels like they should eat all of it because they feel bad by throwing it away. Cooking just enough for yourself will ensure that you don’t overeat.


Another weight loss hack is by using small containers and zip lock bags. These are things that almost everyone has in their cupboard. Fill these with healthy snacks so that you can take them when you’re on the go. Snacks such as fruit, nuts, and popcorn are perfect for these. You can control portion because you put only what you’re allowed to eat in a bag. This helps you realize how much you’re allowed to eat and once you’re done, that’s it! Bring a bag or two with you to work depending on how many calories you want to eat.


Overall, Wengie has some great hacks for losing and maintaining weight! She shows that it’s actually quite simple to control what we want to eat. It just takes a little bit of planning. If you plan out what you’re allowed to eat, that helps limit you from overeating.