Don Ressler Co-CEO and Founder of Just Fab and Fabletics Has a History of Successful Startups

Don Ressler is currently the Co-CEO of JustFab along with his business partner Adam Goldenberg, as well as the CEO of Fabletics, a mostly online athletic wear brand. Don Ressler has had a lifelong passion for athletics and athletic wear, as well as a history of successful start-ups. Both of these facts are a big reason why both JustFab and it’s sister brand, Fabletics have been so successful.

Don Ressler knows that the key to having a successful business, particularly in the early stages when it is just a start-up, is having the right partner. That is why he continues to work with Adam Goldenberg, a man he has been working with since his early days. The two of them first teamed up in 2001 after Ressler’s first successful start-up, was bought by Intermix Media. Together they founded Alena Media, which was a successful media company under the umbrella of Intermix, until Intermix was bought out by News Corp. At this point Goldenberg and Don Ressler left the company to start their own business.

The purpose of this company was to use their talents in online performance advertising to create a series of brands that they could build autonomously. There first was Dermastore, which was an online skincare and cosmetics store at Two years, later after the success of Dermastore, they teamed up with Dr. Alan Hirsh to create a successful weight loss system called SENSA. Both of these ventures are said to be highly profitable.

In 2011, Intelligent Beauty launched their most recent start-up, Just Fab. Just Fab was started because of Don Ressler’s interest in and passion for athletics and athletic clothing. Shortly thereafter, Fabletics was launched. Fabletics teamed up with actress Kate Hudson to create a line of comfortable, functional athletic wear that was both fun and trendy without breaking the break. Soon after the success of Fabletics, they also launched a line for kids, and a line for men, with Kate’s brother Oliver, who is an actor, as a consultant and face for the line.

It is clear that Don Ressler is an impressive CEO and businessman, and that he knows what it takes to launch a start-up and make it successful.

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