I Am Inspired By Yeonmi Park


I do my best to keep up with current events, and I am fascinated with totalitarian countries around the world that are somehow still under the rule of dictators. The dictators are people who would never get elected or come to power in a country like America, and I wonder how it happened in a place like North Korea. I ran across a video by Yeonmi Park, and I thought you should hear her story. She is an activist who is focused on getting western people to understand how bad the conditions are there.

I saw one of Yeonmi Park’s videos on YouTube, and I was blown away by how passionate she gets when she talks about leaving North Korea. She sounds like someone who actually wants to go back and topple the whole government by herself. I have never met anyone like that, and it made me want to follow her over there to deal with it myself.

Yeonmi wrote a book that I want to read about how she got out of North Korea, but I have gotten the general idea from her podcasts and Youtube videos. She has to escape with her mom, and her mom was so paranoid that they could not even talk. I cannot imagine a situation like that, and I do not think that anyone I know can. We have it made in America, and Yeonmi is trying to show us that we need to do something.

I really respect Yeonmi Park because she is risking certain death by calling out North Korea. They could have her killed any time they want, and she is still living in South Korea close to the people who want her dead.




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